Preview: Nick Mulvey @ Exeter Phoenix

Nick Mulvey’s tingling strings rise from the Phoenix once again…

 On Saturday 29th September 2018, Nick Mulvey returns to the Exeter Phoenix as part of his Autumn 2018 solo acoustic marathon. Having just arrived back from his momentous American tour, Mulvey is finally returning to little old Exeter to flaunt his melodic magic in front of his beloved UK fans.

Nick Mulvey has already had an extraordinary 2018 after releasing his 2017 album Wake Up Now to the world. However, he is now on the road around the UK to exhibit his trademark musical kaleidoscope to his huge UK fan base once more. Having recently released a new EP entitled Dancing For The Answers to wide acclaim, Nick Mulvey is preparing to continue his ever-growing success with a run of 18 acoustic performances up and down the country.

The four songs that he presents so effortlessly on Dancing For The Answers establish why Mulvey’s unique musicality has a place within the global music scene. He brings to the singer-songwriter genre what salt brings to the sea – an emblem of familiarity, and his live performances are no different. Now, you lucky people get a chance to see him perform solo with just a guitar in support.

Over the course of two separate sets, expect Nick Mulvey to take the audience through classic tunes such as Cucurucu and Fever To the Form, but to also showcase some of his newer material, like Dancing For The Answers and The Doing Is Done. Mulvey announced at the start of the tour that there would be no support act (except the London shows), so he will be executing his time wisely over the course of not one, but two sets.

The acoustic tour began on 19th September 2018 in Belfast and runs through until 14th October 2018, where Mulvey’s tour concludes in Nottingham.

Doors open at 6:30pm.

-Tom Moodey  


Featured Image Source: Chuff Media  


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