New Summer Music

Summer is the perfect time for new music but you might be struggling to find a new playlist for that barbecue you’re hosting or seeking a perfect road trip album for your drive to the beach. RAZZ has got you covered with the best of this summer’s new releases, with albums from old favourites and new breakthrough artists, there’s plenty of amazing music to get your teeth into this summer. Continue reading New Summer Music

Postcards From Abroad: Edinburgh

As we were deciding on a summer holiday, Edinburgh initially felt like an odd choice when my boyfriend and I booked our tickets. However, both of us burn within ten minutes of being in direct sunlight, so we decided on the northern city for a long weekend away. In hindsight, we probably should have looked at the weather forecast as we ended up being there … Continue reading Postcards From Abroad: Edinburgh

Postcards From Abroad: St Petersburg

When I told people I was going to St Petersburg, in Russia the general response seemed to be “Is it safe?” (Generally the follow-up was whether I was going for the World Cup, which, considering I didn’t realise the World Cup was even happening this year, made me laugh). I’ve been staying in St Petersburg for a month now as a solo traveller, interning at … Continue reading Postcards From Abroad: St Petersburg

Reflecting on the University Experience

Waiting at the side of the stage in the Great Hall to walk up to accept my Bachelor of Arts degree, most of my mental power was focused on not tripping and face planting in front of the dean. Standing in front of one of my lecturers, Pascale Aebischer, as she read out my name however, a wave of emotions hit me and I walked across the stage smiling and close to tears, suddenly overcome with an enormous sense of pride in my achievement. Though over in seconds, this moment was without a doubt one of the best of my 22-year existence. Observing the other students as they walked up, it was easy to tell that everyone was experiencing their own unique blend of nerves, pride, even exhilaration. Some appeared strangely calm and laid back, perhaps finding the whole ceremony to be quite a surreal, out of body experience. In truth I found that to be the case for most of grad week. Continue reading Reflecting on the University Experience

Holiday from Hell! – A Short Story

Last summer, four of my best friends and I went to the seaside town of Paignton for our summer holiday, hoping it would be the perfect way to recover from the stress of our recent A Levels. Organising it all months in advance meant we had nothing to think about; we were renting a beautiful self-catered apartment within walking distance of the beach, and the … Continue reading Holiday from Hell! – A Short Story