Unimumma’s Weekly Meal Plan: Week 4

This week heavily features a great root vegetable which is commonly underappreciated and feared: the beetroot! I know many people don’t like beetroot, but I have discovered new ways to make it delicious. It is a great source of calcium, iron, vitamins A and C, manganese, potassium, and folic acid! So give these recipes a go, and enjoy trying out the new recipes and flavours!

This weeks three main recipes:

  • Roast salmon and beetroot with a yogurt and mint dressing
  • Beetroot and smoked mackerel salad with pitta chips
  • Ham and beetroot salad lunchbox

Unimumma salmonSunday

Brunch – bacon, egg-white omelette, avo, spinach, mushrooms and healthy hollandaise (low fat yogurt instead of butter)

Dinner Unimumma’s Week 4 Recipes: Roast Salmon and Beetroot with a Yoghurt and Mint Dressing


Breakfast – scrambled egg and brown seedy toast

Lunch – leftover roast veg and salmon with quinoa mix

Dinner – healthy chicken sausage tray bake


Breakfast – muesli and low fat Greek yogurt

Lunch – leftover roast veg in a pitta with yogurt and lemon juice dressing

Dinner-  sweet potato with the leftover sausage tray bake

Unimumma ham and beetreet lunchboxWednesday

Breakfast – smoothie

Lunch – lunchbox Salad

Dinner – cooked beetroots in a white sauce, ham and broccoli (trust me, it is great comfort food!)


Breakfast – sweet potato toast, almond butter, and frozen berries

Lunch – lunchbox salad

Dinner – salmon pasta (use low fat soft cheese, half a salmon fillet, lemon juice and chilli)

Macarel Salad UnimummaFriday

Breakfast – poached egg, ham and spinach

Lunch – smoked mackerel and beetroot salad with pitta chips

Dinner – Friday fake away of breaded cod, mushy peas and sweet potato wedges


Breakfast – pancakes, yogurt and honey topping

Lunch – stirfry using up the weeks veg

Dinner – slow cooker chicken cacciatore (recipe up next week)

– by Unimumma aka Sarah Harding

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