Please Mind The (Wage) Gap: Performative Protest on March 22nd in Exeter

Do you believe that equality benefits everyone? Do you believe that everyone deserves equal pay? Do you want to be a part of the solution?

If you answered yes to all of the above questions, then come and join Like A Dude Theatre Company on March 22nd to learn about how the gender pay gap affects all of us.

Like A Dude (LAD) – devised in Exeter by a group of third-year drama students – is a theatre company whose work revolves around issues of gender and gender equality. The all-female group is passionate in aiming to make a difference in the local Exeter community using the performance skills they have learnt and honed through their degree. One issue they are very keen to address is the pay gap in the workplace.

Like A Dude will explore and battle the misconceptions surrounding the pay gap issue through a collaborative workshop at Exeter Community Centre on Thursday March 22nd. They will be engaging with and working alongside other feminist groups both from the university and the local area. Following the workshop, there will be an exciting performative protest taking place on the High Street. Like A Dude would love anyone who is eager to learn about the gender pay gap to come along to the workshop and the protest to demonstrate their solidarity for the cause – even if you can only make one of the events. There is no requirement for you to act or perform either! Like A Dude contends that even if the difference they make is simply sparking conversation, it is a conversation that desperately needs to be had.

In an interview with one of the theatre company members, Annabelle Hookway-Jones, I asked her to tell me why the issue of the pay gap was so important to her personally and societally. Here’s what she said:

“With companies of 250 or more employees being forced to publish their gender pay data by the 4th of April, the gender pay gap has been pushed clearly into view and out of the darkness. As students going into new careers, we want women to feel that they will get paid what they are worth and so with this protest we are hoping to create discussions where women can feel safe and believe that they are worth more than what some companies are paying them. We want to immerse ourselves into a dialogue where we start thinking more about how companies can address this pay gap in Exeter and how women can once and for all finally get equal rights – something we have been fighting for for 100 years!”

Follow Like A Dude on all of their social media to keep up to date with their activities leading up to and during the workshop and protest:

Instagram –

Facebook –

Get involved and come and #FILLTHEGAP with us!


Laura Ferris


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