Unimumma’s Weekly Meal Plan: Week 3

As spring gets closer, some us are already starting to panic about that ideal ‘summer bod’. To help you on your way, here are some low carb meals that are packed full of flavour and made with plenty of veg to make you feel satisfied and full!

Three Main Recipes:

  • Turkey Koftas and Healthy Slaw
  • Prawn Curry with Cauli Rice
  • Salmon Stir Fry


Unimumma week 3 eggy bread

Brunch – Eggy bread, either with bacon and smashed avo, or bacon and honey

Dinner – Naked Turkey Burgers, spiced sweet potato fries


Smoothie – Banana, 4 dates, almond butter, almond milk

Lunch – Unimumma’s Week 3 Recipes: Turkey Kofta with Slaw (good to make the slaw on the Monday, as it will last you the entire week)

Dinner – Unimumma’s Week 3 Recipes: Salmon Stir Fry (make 2 portions as will last two lunches)


Breakfast – Berry Smoothie: Banana, frozen berries, milk and a little drizzle of honey.

Lunch – Salmon Stir Fry (perfect for taking into campus or work in a Tupperware)

Dinner – Grilled Chicken Breast with the slaw


Breakfast – Smashed avo on seedy toast (I keep my bread in the freezer to prevent waste)

Lunch – Tuna steak and slaw (you can get 5 tuna steaks for under £5 in Aldi)

Dinner – Pawn Curry and Cauli Rice


Breakfast – Boiled egg with slices of ham and wilted spinach

Lunch – Prawn and Mayo wrap (mix ketchup with mayo and lemon juice as quick Marie Rose sauce)

Dinner – Cauliflower, sweet potato and spinach dahl (fry off peppers, onions, sweet potato and cauli in garam masala, cumin and ground coriander, before adding tin tomatoes, a veg stock cube, yogurt and spinach, and let simmer for 40 mins till sweet potato is cooked, add in pre-cooked lentils).


Breakfast – Sweet Potato toast and a fried egg

Lunch – Left over dahl

Dinner – Breaded Cod, mushy peas and ‘courgette fries’


Brunch – baked beans, mushrooms and scrambled egg (with all the protein you won’t miss the bread)

Dinner – Veg Risotto and garlic bread

– by Unimumma aka Serena Harding

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