Introducing: Razz Weekly Meal Plans by Unimumma

As you will see chorizo features twice this week as it is super delicious and with a running theme each week, you can make inventive meals using a little of everything, without having to buy a trolley full of ingredients.

This weeks main recipe ideas:

  • Chorizo and Bean Stew
  • Smoothie Bowls
  • Grandy’s Chorizo and Chicken Bake (GCCB)


Smoothie Bowl

Breakfast – Smoothie Bowl

Lunch – Using Sunday’s leftovers, I will be using the ham either in a wrap or in a mixed salad, perfect for a day on campus

Dinner– Grandy’s Chorizo and Chicken Bake


Breakfast – Sweet Potato ‘toast’ with almond butter and banana

Lunch – GCCB

Dinner – Simple ‘Pea’ Carbonara


Breakfast – Smoothie Bowl

Lunch – GCCB

Dinner – Bean and Chorizo Stew with salmon fillet


Breakfast – Smoothie Bowl

Lunch – Cajun Salmon Wrap

Dinner – Prawn Linguine (prawn, chorizo if any left, lemon rind/juice, chilli and garlic)


Breakfast – Sweet Potato ‘toast’ eggs and spinach


Lunch – Bean and Chorizo Stew with feta and baked sweet potato

Dinner – Spicy Prawn Tacos


Brunch – leftover Chorizo Stew and Baked eggs (a take on shashuka) and crusty bread.

Dinner – Roast Gammon Joint, roasted new potatoes, Cauliflower cheese, peas and spinach.

Recipes to follow!

– by Serena Harding @unimumma

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