The Best TV Shows on Netflix

When you’ve just finished watching (or let’s face it – binging) a TV show, the most difficult question to answer is: what do I watch next? In order to try and help, here are my recommendations for what you should be watching.



The Good Place

The Good Place follows Eleanor Shellstrop who has died and gone to her own personal heaven, ‘The Good Place’, reserved for only the best of humanity. However, Eleanor soon realises there has been a mix up and she does not belong here. She calls on her supposed soul mate, ethics professor Chidi Anagonye, to teach her to be a better person so that her true identity will not be discovered. This show is a rare mix of being both funny and intellectually stimulating. It’s so easy to get caught up with the fast-paced storyline and witty characters that you hardly notice exactly how much you are learning about Kant, Kierkegaard, and ethics in general. Each episode contains twists and turns you don’t expect and leaves you wanting more. There are currently two seasons online with a third set to air later this year. If you have already seen The Good Place, you may also like Plebs.



Sense 8

Sense 8 tells the stories of 8 strangers who are suddenly connected by an unexplained psychic link. Capheus, Sun, Nomi, Kala, Riley, Wolfgang, Lito, and Will discover that they are now a cluster of a superior form of human called ‘sensates’, a species which is being hunted down by the organisation BPO and its villainous leader Whispers. The sensates must work together to protect each other from BPO, whilst still fighting their own personal battles. This show is unlike anything else on TV. It might sound a little confusing, trying to keep up with 8 storylines, but the plot is woven together with extreme attention to detail so that you flow seamlessly from one character to another and almost feel part of the cluster. The show is famous for its diversity as it features characters of all different races, cultures, genders and sexualities. It has also gathered somewhat of a cult following; the reaction from fans after it was dropped by Netflix last year led the streaming site to renew it for one final 2-hour special, which will hopefully successfully conclude this gripping series. While waiting for the Sense 8 finale, you may like to try Black Mirror.




Jane the Virgin

When Jane Gloriana Villanueva is accidentally artificially inseminated, her whole world is turned upside down. Not only does Jane have to choose between her current detective boyfriend and her new rich baby daddy, who also happens to be her boss, but she is constantly stuck between whether to listen to her religious Venezuelan grandmother or her rebellious mother. To top everything off, her absentee father also returns to the scene. As if this wasn’t enough, the hotel where Jane works also gets dragged into a serious criminal investigation. The exaggerated style of Latin American telenovela may initially seem a little off putting but Jane the Virgin is fully aware of the preconceptions about its genre and does not let this define it. The show does deal with dramatic storylines about romance, crime, and mystery, but it also attacks modern issues facing Latin and Catholic women living in America today. It also lightens the mood with a sarcastic narrator who helps you follow the elaborate plot. If you love this show about strong women, you may also like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.



Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

Based on the well-loved Douglas Adams character, this is the American take on Dirk Gently. While Dirk is still British, he is far away from London as he travels across the pond and investigates a murder along with new friend Todd Brotzman, whilst also on the run from the government agency Blackwing. Just like Adams’ books, this show is full of mystery, humour, and other worldly forces which all mesh to form what feels like a classic science fiction show in the making. At times the show can feel farfetched and ridiculous, but the incredible energy of the cast and intriguing storyline means you cannot stop watching. Unfortunately, BBC America has not renewed Dirk Gently for a third season; if you’re looking for something similar, try Riverdale



The Crown

This historical drama follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II and the many hardships, changes, and scandals she has faced throughout her reign. All the famous figures of the monarchy we know and love such as Prince Philip, the Queen Mother, and Princess Margaret feature regularly. Many of the smaller figures in the Queen’s life also feature, such as her staff who have done equally as much to shape modern monarchy. Whether you love or hate the monarchy, there is still something you will like in The Crown as it depicts both the great achievements of the Queen’s reign and the downfalls. It is refreshing to see our head of state humanised in Claire Foy’s outstanding performance, although it is yet to be seen how Olivia Colman will fare when she takes over from Foy to play a slightly older sovereign in the third season. If you want more dramas about British history, then you may like Reign.


Emma Hewetson


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