Unimumma’s Recipes for the Week

Chorizo Bean Stew Serves 5 (as a side) Ingredients: 100g Chorizo 1x Onion Garlic Chili Dried Herbs Olive Oil 1x Tin butter beans 1x cannellini beans 1x tin tomatoes 300ml Veg Stock Method: Slowly melt the chorizo down, releasing the oils, once it starts to brown, take it out and leave the remaining oil in the pan. Fry off the onion, garlic and chilli and … Continue reading Unimumma’s Recipes for the Week

In My Good Books: The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

Last summer I was dragged to The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, in which the majority of the ancient art immensely bored me. However, this visit actually led me to one of the most unique and eerie books I have read. The Rijksmuseum is home to the intricate dolls’ house of Petronella Oortman, in which every ornament and character is furnished with elaborate detail. This inexplicably captivating … Continue reading In My Good Books: The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

Review: Doctor Faustus @ The Bike Shed

Devious schemes were afoot in Wittenberg this week, but conveniently relocated to the Bike Shed Theatre basement, perhaps the only suitable setting in Exeter for such a disturbing unfolding of alchemic events. Magic, theology and torment are brought to ferocious heights in Tangle’s reimagining of Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus. Tangle are the South West’s African Caribbean Theatre Company, who crafted a production that defies superficial spectacle … Continue reading Review: Doctor Faustus @ The Bike Shed

Review: Franz Ferdinand + Albert Hammond Jr @ Bristol O2 Academy

Waltzing on stage with his American charm and slick, rock attitude – donned in a silver blazer, a guitar thrown carelessly across his soldier, charismatically greeting the audience – Albert Hammond Jr is clearly in his element. The indie-rock sensation is known by most as the lead guitarist of The Strokes, yet this concert proved Hammond a soloist confident in his own style and sound. … Continue reading Review: Franz Ferdinand + Albert Hammond Jr @ Bristol O2 Academy

Introducing: Razz Weekly Meal Plans by Unimumma

As you will see chorizo features twice this week as it is super delicious and with a running theme each week, you can make inventive meals using a little of everything, without having to buy a trolley full of ingredients. This weeks main recipe ideas: Chorizo and Bean Stew Smoothie Bowls Grandy’s Chorizo and Chicken Bake (GCCB) Monday Breakfast – Smoothie Bowl Lunch – Using Sunday’s leftovers, … Continue reading Introducing: Razz Weekly Meal Plans by Unimumma

Review: Harry’s Restaurant in Exeter

Harry’s Restaurant on Longbrook Street has always been a firm favourite amongst Exonians and with its friendly, intimate vibe and excellent food, we discovered on our visit that it’s not difficult to see why. A restaurant whose wall is adorned by mounted antlers alongside Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks painting may be deemed a little more than simply eccentric, but with the fairy lights lining the windows, … Continue reading Review: Harry’s Restaurant in Exeter

The Best TV Shows on Netflix

When you’ve just finished watching (or let’s face it – binging) a TV show, the most difficult question to answer is: what do I watch next? In order to try and help, here are my recommendations for what you should be watching.   The Good Place The Good Place follows Eleanor Shellstrop who has died and gone to her own personal heaven, ‘The Good Place’, … Continue reading The Best TV Shows on Netflix

Sandro Botticelli’s ‘Primavera’ – A Profile

Sandro Botticelli. One of the most famous artists of the Renaissance, and universally known for his beautiful and distinctive paintings. His art hangs in the Uffizi, the Louvre and the National Gallery, to name but a few. During the Renaissance, artists often took inspiration from the classical world, as they saw this as one of the greatest ages of human accomplishment. They strived to recover … Continue reading Sandro Botticelli’s ‘Primavera’ – A Profile

Review: VIP Cocktail Evening @ KuPP

KuPP, the Scandinavian coffee shop, restaurant, and bar located in the new Guildhall development, opened its doors to a select few (including Razz) to sample some of their food and drinks this week. Though pricier than your typical coffee shop/bar, the Nordic-inspired cuisine and cocktails were a delight and KuPP should be added to your list of places to wine and dine in Exeter this … Continue reading Review: VIP Cocktail Evening @ KuPP

Review: Black Panther

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be getting sick of the glut of superhero movies being released at the moment. For the most part, they have clichéd plots and predictable, unoriginal characters. A collection of strong, brave and predominately male heroes will save the world from aliens or an evil genius, i.e The Avengers or Captain America. Or, like Deadpool or Guardians of the Galaxy, … Continue reading Review: Black Panther