Review: Ciaran Austin’s ‘Full Circle/Moving’

Ciaran Austin has just released his latest EP featuring ‘Full Circle’ and ‘Moving’ , demonstrating his own skillful talents and those of the members of his band, Cantaloupe Island. Recorded at Sticky Studios, the self-produced EP takes a unique approach to what may be considered grime rap by transforming with a more uplifting melody and relaxed, rhythmic beat to create an ambient mix of electronics and hip hop.

‘Full Circle’ features the talented vocals of Exeter Uni student, Felicity Hamilton, whose pop chorus contrasts brilliantly with Austin’s own voice, creating an excellent range of pitch throughout the single. Jamie White, an Exeter graduate, brings his talented virtuosity to the track on the guitar, contributing to the song’s upbeat and rhythmic tempo and memorable riff created by an enhanced, digital theme, that carries on throughout the single.

DSC_0053 (1)

With a quicker tempo than ‘Full Circle’, the second track on the EP, ‘Moving’ offers more of the unexpected vocal style of Austin, compelling you into listening to the lyrics and the message behind them. The tracks are subtle in their complexity as to not sound overly elaborate, but rather to demonstrate Austin’s own music skill.

One of our listeners also picked up on a unique jazzy trumpet sound in the EP, which shows how Austin is trying to combine many genres of music to create his own sound, something which comes across perfectly in this new release.

This EP is perfect for those upcoming summer evenings on the beach on a Friday, but for now, will tide you over on your breaks from the library.

Hooked? Then here’s a link to Ciaran Austin’s latest EP, released today on Spotify:

Ciaran Austin ‘Full Circle’/’Moving’



If you loved this EP and are in search of even more, clear your calendar as Ciaran Austin and Cantaloupe Island have an upcoming gig at Exeter’s Hole in the Wall on February 2nd, and do have a look on their Facebook page for more upcoming events and news:

  Ciaran Austin & Cantaloupe Island


– by Emily Stephenson

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