Get the Look for Less: That 70s Show

In recent years, the fashion industry has drawn inspiration for garments of today from various past decades. The 1980s and 1990s have reappeared again and again, and now the style of the 1970s has weaved its way into 2017, forging itself as the frontrunner for Autumn/Winter. Designers such as Prada, Miu Miu and Calvin Klein have embraced the flare and given it a 21st Century edge.

However, it is not just the well loved flare that is coming into play this Autumn, but other features of the 70s look are proving popular on the high street. Designers are gravitating towards the burnt hues and opulent textures of the decade, daring to be more extravagant with the inspiration that decade provides. Swap skinny jeans for flares, grab all the velvet and suede there is to offer, and give the illusion of winter sun in yellows and oranges.

Of course, we don’t want to go too all-out and end up walking around like a knock-off Stevie Nicks. It is important to choose a style that best suits your own, and incorporate it into your modern wardrobe. If you want more of a ‘hippie’ look, then floral and flares are the way to go, but pair the popular trousers with some 21st Century trainers and a casual t-shirt so you don’t feel excessively dressed. The disco look still remains to be perfect evening wear today, with sequins and glitter galore all over the high street.

Accessories can also help you introduce the 70s into your wardrobe. Some statement earrings or bright lipstick can create a bold look reminiscent of the era. For the style icons of the decade, nothing was off limits, so experiment with your style this Autumn!



Nobody’s Child Tie Front Blouse In Metallic, available on ASOS, £20.

The sparkle of 1970’s disco has returned in full force, with designers and celebrities alike embracing the extravagant style. This top in particular encapsulates the disco ball approach to fashion in the 70s. Paired with a pair of black skinny jeans and high heeled boots, and you have a glamorous outfit with a contemporary take on the trend.


Half-Zip Polo Shirt, Urban Outfitters, £26.

With aerobics rising in popularity in the 1970s, so to did the athleisure look. This style favoured simplistic silhouettes and injected a sporty image into casual wear. This top from Urban Outfitters has a sporty feel with its polo shirt neckline, reminiscent of PE at school. The half zip and vibrant colour are identifiable 70’s details and certainly make the piece feel more chic than sporty.



Velvet Flare Trousers, Topshop, £22.

Flares are an obvious nod to the 70s, and return to the high street every time this trend comes back around. However, this Autumn, the flared trouser has been given a twist for 2017. They are available in various colours and materials, and so the selection is endless. This velvet pair are perfect for both day and night. They can be styled with trainers for an easy casual look, or heels and silk shirt for added sophistication.



ALDO Cuwien Oversized Star Hoop Earrings, available on ASOS, £8.

Oversized earrings are a big trend at the moment in their own right, but were also a large part of 70s style. The star design of this pair are a nod to the roaring night life and disco scene of the decade.



AJ Morgan Metal Cat-Eye Sunglasses with Red Tinted Lens, available on ASOS, £12.

Over-sized sunglasses were a favoured accessory during this decade, especially with the celebrities of the time. Coloured lenses have also become a key trend this Autumn, meaning this pair offer a perfect modern take on the 70s look.


Claudia Lace


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