Find Your Ideal Look This Winter…

Winter is terrifying for someone who loves sun-kissed skin and warm humid afternoons. Winters in the UK can be disorienting for someone who is used to pleasant weather during this time of year. Not everyone has an appetite for winter, but the comfort of a warm coat can eventually make you fall in love with the season. Apart from keeping you warm, every item of clothing is an opportunity to make a fashion statement. Winter lets you express and experiment more than any other season, so make sure your wardrobe is ready for winter even if you aren’t. These are some winter must-haves:

The Long Woollen Coat

Wool Coat Boohoo

Every winter wardrobe list starts with this winter essential, and so does this one. The reason behind it is simple: It does an exceptional job at keeping you warm and is an ‘evergreen’ clothing item which will never go out of style. What makes it so indispensable is that you can wear it anywhere, anytime, and it goes along perfectly well with any outfit you have on. If you don’t have a classic black woollen coat, then it should be on top of your list. If you have a black one, try out a coat with a bit of colour or in a different style. It will become your best winter friend before you know it! Above coat is found on

The Puffer Jacket


Winter is all about utility. Coats can get heavy and a sweater might not be enough to prevent you from freezing. Puffer jackets are wind and water resistant (most likely), incredibly lightweight, and still manage to keep you warm. What makes puffers so special is that they have mastered the art of insulation. This means jackets can be lightweight without compromising on the warmth. They also have a very sporty and casual look which makes it perfect for a long day where you have to travel and be relatively active. Puffer jackets are great for travellers as they barely take up any space in your bag and are guaranteed to come in handy. Puffer jacket above available at

All Weather Boots

Boots Schuh

On wet and wintery days an umbrella can barely prevent your outfit from getting wet let alone your shoes. Wet shoes on a cold winter night is like having melted ice-cream, highly disappointing. Boots were traditionally rough and tough but, in 2017, the all-weather tag is what makes all the difference. Most people feel the cold even after wearing multiple layers of clothing, primarily because their shoes are not winter-proof. Boots are warm, and indestructible if they are weatherproof. Pick your favourite colour and let it do all the talking (or walking), pun intended. Pictured boots available at

The Skinny Jean

Skinny Jeans Miss Selfridge

Trousers may not be the first thing to pop into your head when you think about winter, but they are an essential part of any outfit. Most people opt for skinny jeans simply because they fit inside their boots, but all the hype is mainly due to its efficiency. There is no space for the cold air to creep in and, as an added bonus, they certainly helping in giving your legs a long and lean look accompanied by a pair of boots. A pair of jeans are a durable addition to your winter look and should reserve their place in your wardrobe for a lengthy period of time. Skinny jeans pictured are available at


Gloves Accessorize

The most neglected aspect of winter is keeping your hands warm. A good pair of gloves is all you need to make winters feel like summers. Gloves are essential for winter so ignore them at your own peril. Since hands do most of our bidding, it only makes sense to provide them with adequate protection. Think of borrowed gloves as borrowed shirts or even worse, it will never reflect your own taste. Make winter about yourself with a cute pair of patterned mittens or a soft, buttery leather pair of sleek gloves. Gloves above are available at

– by Shiwangi Singh

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