Review: Halloween Haunted House @ Timepiece

Having been to Timepiece before, I knew what a nice venue it was. However, the majority of the time, they had been sports nights with the lacrosse club so it was refreshing to see the club in a spookier setting. Like most nights at Timepiece, the queues were variable but upstairs wasn’t open till 10pm … a rather late one for exeter! Therefore, the VK to time ratio got a bit messy but who doesn’t love a good bolt off until closing time at 2am!


The decorations were minimalistic but still effective; in a way comparable to many of the girls costumes as “in girl world, Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girl can say anything about it.” (Mean Girls for anyone who hasn’t grown up in the Noughties) However, the boys definitely TRUMPed the girls this year. Even before we got in, Voldemort had cast his spell on the girl next door. The boys even took slutty to the next level with the simple but arrogant Magic Mike wannabes to the mesh policeman outfits. Shoutout to the one guy in a unicorn onesie in the middle of the dancefloor… I hope you survived the night. And, as always, there were the “I’m cool but I’m not going to try that hard” crew, with spiderweb makeup and the trippy coloured contacts.

The middle floor was banging out some classic tunes and was filled with everyone’s ideal house party playlists… oh and let’s not forget Michael Jackson’s classic halloween tune: ‘Thriller’. Meanwhile in Top Top, there was hypnotising 90s RnB, which did nothing to hurt TPs rep as the easiest club in Europe to pull in, but also kept the energy (VKs) flowing until the lights came on and it was time to leave the house of horrors.

Somehow TP managed to fit in their classic Salsa night into the Haunted mansion on the bottom floor – deftly combining the Mexican Dia de los Muertos vibe with the more classic trick-or-treat theme of the upper floors. But how could one write about a night at TP without mentioning the third best smoking area in the country, filled on this occasion with a variety of alcoholically zombified clubbers whose hunger for TP’s signature burgers could sadly not be satisfied due to the strangely absent TP burger shack.The absence of any pregame at Hole-in-the-Wall certainly didn’t prevent people looking like they’d just risen from the dead.

It was fun night in general but not what I expected from such a great venue. There could have been more effort with the design of the night and decorations to create a really spooky night. Furthermore, for such a big night in general, I was quite surprised about how exclusive the event was. This could have been down to the fact that many students were away for reading week but, overall it was not as big as it had been hyped up to be. That however, did not stop the night from being fun despite not living up to what most people had hoped for.

– by Katie Wells

*Images courtesy of Timepiece and Facebook.

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