Get the Look for Less: Suits You!

A suit has long been a powerful emblem in a woman’s wardrobe. From Coco Chanel shaping the modern woman in 1914, to 1966 when Yves Saint Laurent developed le smoking, the first tuxedo deigned for women. Throughout the 20th Century, the suit adapted itself to the women of the time, and now, its moment has come around again.

The streets are lined with women in two-piece suits, wearing them as casual wear, not just simply on the way to the office. The use of bright colours, patterns and textures on the high street this Autumn has elevated the ‘power suit’ and modernised it for the everyday woman. Velvet blazers and trousers are countless on the high street and add a twist on a style that was once deemed for professionals, which at times became somewhat outdated. Velvet is the perfect texture to take to a night-time look; paired with a black lace camisole and heels, these trousers are taken out of the office and move away from any business connotations.

To incorporate this sharp suit style into your wardrobe, you do not have to commit to it fully. Match a brightly coloured blazer with blue jeans and you have easily brought a flare of elegance to a laid-back ensemble. Similarly, a simple t-shirt, something most people already have in their wardrobe, brings a pair of tailored trousers away from the look of work wear and more towards easy sophistication.

This trend is a perfect way to refine an outfit with either a pair of trousers or a blazer, making it possible to create a tailored silhouette. The suit is no longer boring, so don’t shy away from it because it will inject a chic energy into your wardrobe.


Grey Checked Blazer, Missguided, £38.


This style of check is a classic staple in terms of a blazer. It is easy to wear, and grey is a colour that can be paired with most shades. The silhouette is simple and elegant and so becomes less of a trend piece and more of a timeless piece for your wardrobe. Paired with the matching trousers below, and you can effortlessly follow the Autumn suiting trend. Rather than making this look too formal, add a white t-shirt and trainers for a more modern edge. If the trousers are too much commitment, then opt for a pair of jeans and boots; comfortable with just the right amount of edge.


Grey Prince of Wales Checked Skinny Trousers, Missguided, £25.



The tailored look of these trousers are an enduring style choice. The hounds tooth check is a quintessential staple of a suit, but the addition of a bold zip adds a modern update and creates more of a statement.


Double Breasted Blazer, Stradivarius, Available on ASOS, £29.99.


A double breasted blazer is a fun way to play with the suit trend. The best features are the buttons. By buttoning up this piece you have extra comfort and cosiness, as well as creating a defining silhouette, with the line of the lapels elongating your torso. The bright red also helps to reject the stigma that a blazer has to be boring, and can easily add life to any outfit.


Wide Velvet Trousers, Zara, £25.99.


Velvet is another key trend for AW17 and is therefore being incorporated into various clothing items on the high-street. These trousers will add flare, both literally and figuratively, to an outfit. Dress down with a knitted jumper and loafers, the right combination of smart and casual. Or, for a night time look, a pair of silver heels will compliment the grey velvet nicely. If you are feeling really brave, you could try a matching velvet jacket to complete the suit.


Claudia Lace




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