Restaurant Review: KuPP

This Scandinavian concept restaurant came like a breath of fresh air to Exeter. Filled with bright colours and groovy patterns, it’s a pleasure to be there as soon as you step in. Inspired by the food and culture of Stockholm, KuPP aims to bring Scandinavian food and ingredients to the UK, while having a bit of Britain involved too – and boy, has this been achieved.

One of the main aims behind the ethos of this unique company is to encourage more casual socialising during meals, and sharing with each other in an inclusive manner. This is obvious as soon as you’re through the door, with a very open plan set up and simple yet stylish furniture. While you’re all eating individually, it’s easy to imagine a packed restaurant would still create a friendly atmosphere, as if you’re all taking part in a nice afternoon or evening together.

KuPP has a variety of options as an eatery. Whether its breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a light snack and coffee that you’re after, KuPP offers it all. We headed to this slice of Denmark for dinner, and I was particularly excited by the variety of menu options there were to choose from, meaning that whatever you’re in the mood for, you can leave feeling replete. From a selection of Nordic inspired sharing dishes, fresh salads and tantalising grills, to more traditional burger dishes, we decided to opt for one of KuPP’s famous ‘Smörgåsbords’, of which they offer in vegetarian, fish and meat options, following a recommendation from the friendly staff.



This was a great way to sample a collection of what KuPP is all about; there are plenty of options and more than enough for two people on the boards. We sampled the vegetarian option, but with a side of Gravadlax to emphasise the Scandavian feel. This beetroot cured salmon is as delicate as it should be, perfectly smoked and in my opinion a great addition to any meal. I have to say, the most noticeable part of the whole meal was just how fresh everything was and tasted.

The vegetarian board had ingredient fusions from chilli lemon and goats curd dip to comforting quinoa, kale and butternut bites, which were a particular favourite of mine. All the samples on the board were delicate and simple, but combined in a way that meant every flavour came through – the smashed avocado was particularly good, found in a lot of places but never in such a delicious way as here. And I love avocado.




Another credit to KuPP’s reputation are their drinks selection – a broad choice from both soft and alcoholic options. We went for the fruity ice teas, which arrived in a pleasantly generous size. The peach & oolong flavour was refreshing without being too sweet, the pitfall of some ice teas I have encountered in the past. Alas, if you are not quite as obsessed with ice tea as I am, they have a lovely selection of smoothies and fruit juices, not to mention wines, beers, ciders, and the new addition of cocktails, arriving at the restaurant next month.

Personally, I think that the combination of the original food and snazzy décor is what sets this place apart from the other restaurants in Exeter. Their amalgamation of good design and pleasing aesthetics makes you feel like you have been transported far away from Exeter’s Queen Street. KuPP is also well experienced in their coffee skills, offering a variety of blends throughout the day. They also have award-winning hot chocolate in the café section and warmly baked pastries to go alongside. An innovative part of the restaurant is their mini shop, where they sell their blends of coffees and a variety of crockery, condiments and cheese.

Overall, KuPP is definitely worth trying if you’d like a change from the norm of eating out. Plus, students can get a friendly 10% off with their student card, while several smoothie and coffee loyalty cards are available too. Head on down and treat yourself to a sharing feast – or pop on Deliveroo if you fancy a slice of Nordic life in your own home.


– Sasha Macaulay



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