Preview: Loyle Carner @ Exeter Phoenix

At only 22, Loyle Carner has already carved out an electrifying path for himself. His Yesterday’s Gone tour comes to the Exeter Phoenix on Tuesday 10th October, adding to his list of already sold out shows that exhibit his genuine and heartfelt album released on 20th January this year. Following the success of his Yesterday’s Gone EP in 2014, Loyle Carner went on to be nominated for a Mercury Prize and became one of the most critically acclaimed albums of the year.


Benjamin Coyle-Larner, the accomplished musician’s real name, grew up in South London with his mother, step-father and younger brother. This family unit, to which he is very close to, feature heavily in his album in a cuttingly emotional way, while also celebrating their sincere importance to him. Although Coyle-Larner studied at the Brit School, and went on to begin his studies for a degree in acting at the Drama Centre, it was his passion for lyrical writing that shone through and gained recognition.


His first real gig was in support of famous artist MF Doom, and his path took off fast from there. With his first EP released, Coyle-Larner toured with Joey Badass on his 2014 UK tour. He then burst on to the UK festival scene in 2015, including an appearance at the prestigious Glastonbury festival.


Since then, Loyle Carner has left his own stamp on the music world with Yesterday’s Gone. Throughout the work, you can hear private and meaningful parts of his life, and the people in it. Give it a listen to discover an inspiring artist who is hopefully here for the long-haul.


Sasha Macaulay




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