The New Lush Store Has Arrived!

The new Lush store in Exeter has officially opened and Razz were lucky to be there at the opening last night.

The cool evening failed to place a damper on the enthusiastic mood of the bloggers and writers waiting outside the closed doors of the new Lush store in Exeter. Founded in 1995 by Mark and Mo Constantine, Lush has grown into one of the top beauty companies in the UK with a focus on natural hair and beauty products. The name ‘Lush’ was initially chosen to represent the “fresh, green, and verdant” image of the company, but now is synonymous with the company’s ethical ethos. The company is committed to being 100% vegetarian, active in the fight against animal testing, a promoter of ethical buying, and emphasises the production handmade products with as little packaging as possible to create a greener planet. Their story is one of success as they have begun expanding Lush stores countrywide, such as their new store here in Princesshay.


Lush 3


And at 18:05, we walk into the whirlwind of bright colour and sumptuous scents that is Lush. There is an explosion of pink in the basin by the door as the Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb fizzles, emitting a sweet aroma that engulfs the doors. The softening Jelly Bombs surround and comfort the skin as we dip our hands into the bath art it’s created. If that’s not enough to tempt you into the new store, the fresh display of Christmas and Halloween bath bombs is truly eye catching. The wall is an array of oranges, reds, silvers, and golds, all dusted with glitter and waiting to be wrapped up for Christmas (or unwrapped and dropped into a soothing bath). For some extra bubbly fun, there are new and fantastic Halloween and Christmas themed bubble bars. The Sparkling Pumpkin was my personal favourite, with a subtle spicy scent, and The Magic of Christmas reusable bar came in close second with cinnamon flavours and mounted on a cinnamon stick finished with glittery gold.



After experimenting with bubbles and jellies of all kinds, we were whisked over to the bath bomb making station, strapped on our gloves and got to make our very own Lord of Misrule bath bombs, which I look forward to dropping in the bath as soon as it’s set. It was a unique sensation as we mixed together the powders and magic and compacted them into moulds. Bath bomb making is truly an art and takes a lot of concentration and delicate handling (there were a few moments of panic involved) and the smell will linger with us for days.


Aviary Photo_131511591905784440


What should get you most excited about the new store? Other than ample amounts of space to take it all in, Lush has gone Naked! To embrace a greener world (hopefully dusted with the Lord of Misrule), Lush has created packaging-free alternatives to their favourite products. You can now purchase naked shower gels (no, not just soap), massage sparkle jars, body conditioners, and even lipsticks. Our favourite was the Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh lipstick. Not only does its naked version give you the opportunity to help save the planet, but it opens the product up to a myriad of uses as you can experiment with it by dusting its variety of gold hues across your eyes and collar bones too! Just go crazy.

Keep your eyes open for: Thee Shades of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh Naked Lipstick, Rose Jam Naked Shower Gel, Golden Pear Soap, and 1000 Millihelens Jelly Face Mask.

So go on and Relax, Take a Bath!


Emily Stephenson

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