Review: BSO Colour and Light

From outside the University Great Hall on a cold October evening, you would find it difficult to discern that anything out of the ordinary was taking place. There were no ostentatious banners advertising the presence of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, or their internationally acclaimed guest performers. Nor indeed were there any signs telling me where to enter for the concert that I knew was happening … Continue reading Review: BSO Colour and Light

Review: Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay opened its doors in Exeter only last year, and is situated in the new Guildhall development alongside Comptoir Libanais, KuPP, and Gourmet Burger Kitchen. The Caribbean restaurant and bar joins the fourteen other Turtle Bays across the UK and is a much-needed addition to Exeter’s rapidly expanding restaurant scene. From the outside, Turtle Bay appears as an Aladdin’s Cave, with twinkly lights hanging … Continue reading Review: Turtle Bay

Spooky Halloween Reads

When it starts getting dark outside at 14:30, it feels like the perfect time to crawl into bed and curl up with your pumpkin spice drink of choice and a good book. This selection features creepy thrillers and novels with supernatural twists ranging from the slightly eerie to the downright spooky to help get you in the Halloween spirit and escape from this chilly Autumn … Continue reading Spooky Halloween Reads

Feature: Autumn in Exeter

Autumn has arrived in Exeter and Erin Coyle has put together a collection a photographs capturing the essence of this season of change in our city. The colours of the foliage are enough to make anyone feel warm and peaceful as we head towards the Christmas season. The changing season stretches all the way down to the Quay. Even St Luke’s resident cat can be … Continue reading Feature: Autumn in Exeter

Autumn Look Book

Autumn is one of the more difficult seasons to dress for. The weather in England is temperamental at the best of times – as I’m writing this I’m staring out the window at a bleak dismal sky, when yesterday we had been basking in the glorious sunshine – and this time of year provides even more difficulty with it being a transitional season, as our … Continue reading Autumn Look Book

Book Review: The Immortalists

The Immortalists is the second novel by American author Chloe Benjamin, and has already been described as “2018’s first must-read” by Entertainment Weekly, a statement that I would definitely agree with. It’s a truly captivating and compulsive read, posing complex questions about life and death, and how we deal with the knowledge of our own mortality. The book begins in New York in the summer … Continue reading Book Review: The Immortalists

Restaurant Review: KuPP

This Scandinavian concept restaurant came like a breath of fresh air to Exeter. Filled with bright colours and groovy patterns, it’s a pleasure to be there as soon as you step in. Inspired by the food and culture of Stockholm, KuPP aims to bring Scandinavian food and ingredients to the UK, while having a bit of Britain involved too – and boy, has this been … Continue reading Restaurant Review: KuPP

Fright Night Films

You can never go wrong with The Nightmare Before Christmas, however if you fancy switching it up a bit for Halloween this year here are a few slightly more obscure suggestions, both contemporary and classic, ranging from the hilarious to the tension-filled and deeply bizarre… Young Frankenstein (1974) Mel Brooks’ comedy-horror hit, released in 1974, is an affectionate parody of the 1930s classic horror film, … Continue reading Fright Night Films

Review: Animal by Sara Pascoe

Witty, eye-opening and extremely readable, Sara Pascoe’s Animal is an ingenious insight into what it means to be a woman in the world today. Using humour as both a lens and weapon, Pascoe scours through biological, evolutionary and feminist theory to make some revelatory claims about the way in which women have been built and socialised to respond to the world around us. Growing up … Continue reading Review: Animal by Sara Pascoe