Why You Should Join Razz Magazine

Are you a creative person with a passion for writing? Then Razz Magazine is the society for you to join. As Exeter University’s only Arts & Lifestyle magazine, our articles cover theatre, music, literature, baking, travel, and fashion pieces. Whatever your interests are, we are bound to cater to them. We always want to hear fresh ideas for articles, so at Razz you will have the opportunity to write about your interests and experiences. As our magazine is based in the South West, we want to fully embrace our beautiful city and its surrounding areas as there are great hubs of creativity accessible to us here. By being part of our magazine, you will learn about the fun places right on your doorstop, from cultural evenings to day trips to the beach – Razz will keep you up to date with what is happening in your home away from home.

We are made up of both a seasonal print edition and this online blog. We aim to publish the print edition termly, while the blog is constantly updated with reviews and features, and responds to the latest trends. The magazine gives you the chance to have your work printed and placed all over campus for the university’s thousands of students and staff to read, while the blog garners a worldwide audience. It’s not just writing either, we love to see paintings, drawings, photography, and other kinds of artwork. Alongside this, you can send us your poetry and creative writing. We want to showcase and celebrate the wonderful creative originality of Exeter University’s students.

As a member of Razz Magazine, you will have the opportunity to go to gigs, the theatre and other events on press passes. You can see world class acts for free in exchange for writing a review for us. You may even get the chance to interview some of your favourite artists. One of the best opportunities I got from Razz was interviewing a stand-up comedian and actress who was visiting Exeter on tour. I was terrified, I had never done an interview before, but I am so glad I took the opportunity. It helped build my confidence, while doing something different and exciting. Being at university is the time to try something new and do those things you may be afraid of, and Razz can provide you with the thrilling prospect of taking those chances.

If you are nervous because you have never written an article before, Razz is a great place to begin. We all need to start somewhere and we will offer advice when you need it, and will host regular writers’ meetings. Even better, you’ll get to write about what you enjoy and what matters to you, so it may be easier to find the words than it can be when writing a university assignment. Razz would be a great pastime alongside your degree; it’s flexible as you can choose the best events or subjects to write about to fit around your studies. With Razz, you can practice your writing skills as you never know how much it may help for other projects – even work-related ones – in the future. We plan to keep our members updated with any creative career opportunities that are advertised in the university’s Career Zone.

Explore our blog and online publications of our magazine to see what we have produced through the years, and join us today for only £6 as we approach the 10th anniversary of our first print edition. We are really excited for the year ahead and look forward to meeting you – we will be very happy to have you on board.


– Connie Adams


Featured image: https://www.cravo.com/application/files/3614/6368/5208/crops-raspberries.jpg


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