A Student’s Guide to an Evening in Exeter

Welcome to Exeter! Arriving at university for the first time, your days are likely to be carefully structured and timetabled, but in the evening you are left to your own devices. When you do finally have time on your hands, don’t be put off by the viscous rumours that Exeter is too small to host a buzzing nightlife; go out and prove them wrong!

Firstly, get involved with your societies for socials and nights out, as this is a great way to meet new people and integrate within the university. Razz is one of the many societies that have been offering freshers’ events, and everyone is welcome to check our Facebook page so that they don’t miss out on our joint social on Friday night.

After your socials, if you are sticking with tradition by looking for a night out, then you will not be disappointed by the city’s nightlife which is busier than ever during Fresher’s Week.  Home to Cheesy Tuesdays, Sports night and often various guest DJs, Exeter’s diverse venues offer something for everyone. However, although the done thing in fresher’s is to club the week away, there are other ways to enjoy an evening in Exeter in this little city has a big heart with its diversity of nightlife on offer.


Here’s a little list of my favourites:

Night out: Don’t Walk, Boogie

Evening activity: The cinema

Pub: The Old Firehouse

Cocktail Bar: Urban Underground

Independent Restaurant: Harry’s

Vegan restaurant: Herbies


There are a huge variety of bars and pubs, from the best Wetherspoons in the world to some really unique cocktail bars. The town centre is littered with watering holes so, whether you are feeling edgy, classy, or like a true Harry Potter fangirl, you won’t be disappointed by Exeter. There is also always the option to bring another activity into the mix, such as bowling, if you want a more competitive evening; be inventive.

Moving away from the drinks you can also eat away the evening, as Exeter is not short of restaurants, diners and cafés. The city boasts some fantastic independent restaurants, as well as hosting all your familiar favourites. To get a taste of the Exeter food scene you need only wander down the high street and follow your nose. The city is also proud to cater for vegans and vegetarians so if you do have any dietary requirements, don’t be put off! Just check out the menus online, or better yet give our exclusively vegetarian restaurants a try. Never forget that our great city is also serviced by Deliveroo, and so for those foodies wanting a cozy evening at home, you can order Exeter’s best dishes right to your sofa.

If it is culture you are looking for, then your evenings won’t be lacking in Exeter. This city is an arts hub and there is always something going on. Go on a walking tour to explore your new home – don’t forget to go down to the quayside for the views – or alternatively head to one of our local arts spaces. Home to a multitude of theatres, cinemas and gig venues, Exeter is the stage of the southwest and so, whether it’s a student-run campus activity or a local cultural event, you can fill your evenings with plays, concerts and art galleries to your heart’s content.

With such a wide variety of pastimes on offer there is no excuse for a dull evening in Exeter, so gather your friends and go out and see for yourself.


– Helana Scott 

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