Review: BierKeller

What with overpriced bars and clubs closing at 2am, we’ve all complained about Exeter’s nightlife at some point in our lives. However, you’ll be pleased to know that BierKeller, the latest addition to the scene, is here to change this.

Located at the Quay, BierKeller is a Bavarian-themed beerhall filled with long wooden tables that sit under a ceiling of fairy lights. They offer more types of beer than I could count, all of which are served in steins (glasses equivalent to two pints), for as little as £6. If you get peckish, you can get yourself a traditional bratwurst or a salted pretzel. It’s all pretty great, and Razz was treated to a tasting session, so I was lucky enough to sample the goods.

bierkeller 6

Not being a massive beer drinker myself, I was skeptical at first, but the manager, Graham, was an excellent host and whipped out a strawberry beer called Früli that was like summer in a glass. If that’s still too beer-like for you, you can also get stein-sized cocktails for £6.95 – cheaper than most cocktails in town that are served in glasses a third of the size. You can also book out tables or even a separate section for groups or societies, and between you, you might even be able to get through that long list of beers.

After our sampling session, my friend Meg and I decided to stay on and watch a live band who took to the stage and bashed out classic tunes like Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’. The lady on electric guitar was around 60 years old and had more sass than I have ever encountered, so it’s safe to say she has since become my idol. It was probably the most fun I’ve had on an Exeter night out for a while, particularly as the staff, who were dressed in traditional lederhosen, treated us wonderfully and made sure our beer never ran dry (this wasn’t so wonderful the next morning).

As well as these live music nights, BierKeller hosts an Oompah band every Friday and Saturday: this involves a lot of dancing on the tables. But each night is different at BierKeller, so here’s a rundown:

– Monday: Student Night. (Half price drinks for all student card holders. Yes, that does mean a stein of beer for £3.25. Dangerous.)
– Tuesday: Après Ski
– Wednesday: Quiz Night
– Thursday: Live Band
– Friday: Oompah Night
– Saturday: Oompah Night
– Sunday: Comedy Club

Drinking beer from a stein with an old-aged electric guitarist walking up and down the tables was certainly not an experience I’ve had before, nor one that I ever expected to have, especially not in Exeter. But what is evident is that BierKeller is all about having fun.

If you’re after a sophisticated drink in an upmarket bar, then you’ve come to the wrong place. If you’re looking for good beers and a good laugh, however, then it’s time you dig out your lederhosen because BierKeller is the place for you.

-Anna Bonet

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