Review: The Monkey Suit

Did someone say 2-4-1? The Monkey Suit has just upped its cocktail game!

monkey suit collage 1.jpg

The name of ‘The Monkey Suit’ bar is derived from the American slang word for a “a formal dress suit, an evening suit”. This is made aesthetically clear by not only their playful logo, but their interior which is classy and has a warm night-time ambiance ensured by many the candles and fairy lights decked around the bar. The Monkey Suit has the fortunate position of being only a few minutes walk from Unit 1, and can therefore make for a classy prees or a short stumble home to our student residencies after a special occasion. Last Thursday Anna and I came in to review their new cocktail menu, learn about their generous venue-hire opportunities for students, and their extended 2-4-1 which is something that you all need to know about.

The Monkey Suit’s layout and sofa style seating is particularly cosy. The huge downstairs space and deep sofas create comfy corners that allow for a tête-à-tête and relaxation with a glass of wine or cocktail. This is a marked difference between other bars which can only fit chairs or have opted for bar stools; it is not the same level of comfort. Yet as The Monkey Suit is already a popular go-to in Exeter, this probably isn’t news to you. What is less well known is their upstairs club and VIP lounge which is available to students and societies who present a student card at 50% off.


The club’s lit up bar stretches across the end of room and holds 60-180 people. You will not be short for furniture, and it is complete with a dance floor and an elevated space for decks and a laptop for the wannabe DJs in your group. It’s roomy and adaptable; Exeter’s board game society has previously hired it out because of the sheer space it provides. With the discount, the club is £75 to hire, down from £150 – accounting for the amount you would make with tickets on the door, this isn’t a lot. The VIP lounge is more intimate and holds around 40 people. It has a mini-bar for your personal bartender in the corner, and is £40 to hire. In each room you have autonomy over the speakers to play your own music, and both come with a bouncer at the door. Pretty professional right?

What can make these hires and general cocktail outings even more affordable is The Monkey Suit’s updated happy hour. 2-4-1 is now amazingly on everyday between 5-7pm, and is on all day Monday (what good timing with DSP). With some cocktails on the menu for as cheap as £4, with the 2-4-1 deal you’re looking at £2 for each cocktail. The menu has all the traditional cocktails – Mojitos, Cosmo, Raspberry Daiquiri – with bespoke additions such as a Peanut Butter Cocktail (quite possibly the only one in Exe) and the Lemon Drop which tastes bitter-sweet. I ordered the Jam-Jar which, true to Razz, came with several frozen raspberries on the top. They served as a cold treat after my cocktail, and had nicely soaked up some of the spirit. Anna couldn’t resist the Peanut Butter Cocktail. She described it as an alcoholic milkshake, and imagined that it would be the perfect choice if you were hanging but had been dragged out by your friends for round two. The Reece’s Pieces peanut butter cup on the side then topped off this truly indulgent cocktail. As a coffee-addict, her second choice was the Expresso Martini. This is made with fresh cream and you have the option to sweeten it up with a dose of sugar syrup if preferred. The range on this double-sided menu means that there is a cocktail for everyone: those who like it fresh & fruity, dark & stormy, or simply dry & strong.

Overall, it’s nice to find a bar that clearly loves students and will open such spaces to societies – with bar stuff that are super friendly. I know where I will be going for my 21st!


Chrissi Lewes

For all bookings email


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