It’s Christmas Eve… and there’s nothing under the tree…. How to make your own presents with just one day to go

It’s the night before Christmas, Crazy! And if you’re like me you are dreading coming to terms with the fact that despite the many promises you made to yourself over the last few years you have still left the Christmas presents too late. Amazon won’t send orders in time, the shops are way too busy to even enter and your bank account digits are slowly heading towards the negatives. What should you do?

Option 1: Panic and cancel Christmas.

Option 2: Pause, breathe and get arty.

This Christmas you definitely don’t need money or a trip to Oxford Circus to give your loved ones those beautiful wrapped up Noel tidings. All you need is some creativity, a few, cheap supermarket essentials, a little bit of time and bag-fulls of love to surprise your family with some homemade gifts that they will truly adore.

So one day left? No problem! There’s plenty of time, there’s plenty of love and there’s plenty of creative ideas below to get you cracking on some fabulous homemade Christmas gifts. All these ideas can be searched online with many methods telling you how to get going with them:

  • Hand-decorated sharpie mugs – no need to go to a fancy pottery shop, make your own mug personalised at minimal cost. I had a go at making one of these last year with my present-receiver’s favourite Lord of the Rings quotations drawn on them in black sharpie and they worked so well! Pinterest is a great place to search for inspiration.

  • Nail-varnish hand-dipped mugs – if you wanted to make the sharpie mug but your sharpie ran out of ink and you don’t have time to buy a new one, how about this nail varnish option? Super pretty and even easier that the sharpie mug. Once again, Pinterest can help you out with this one.nail-varnish-mug
  • Homemade chocolates – why buy expensive ones when you could make them with love yourself? And you’ll get to eat the leftovers afterwards! These great and simple recipes mean that all you need to do is pop into your local super-market to get the extras:

Chocolate truffles: bark: bark.jpg

Chocolate Fudge:

You could also spend some time wrapping them beautifully in a box, and making your own selection list!

  • Homemade jam – last year I made this for my mum and she loved it! I popped down to the super-market and bought lots of strawberries, raspberries and a big bag of sugar, and few hours later I had lots of jam. This recipe is great too at using up all those jars at your back door. To make the jars extra pretty just decorate with a small piece of cloth and tie with string. You could also stick onto the jar a little label saying what’s inside, and, like with the chocolates, make it into a little hamper!

    Here’s a fabulous BBC Good Food recipe:

  • Handmade salt-decorations – salt dough is basically grown up playdough which can be made, moulded and shaped into any beautiful decoration. Once baked and hardened these can be painted and decorated anyway you like. You could make Christmas themed ones for the tree, or how about making one with your present-receiver’s name on it, or a quotation that you like? This is again a good one to search on pinterest for.
  • Brownie jars – all the dry cookie ingredients in a beautiful jar. This great DIY present provides some fun activities for your gift-receiver and looks lovely too. Here’s how to do it:
  • Homemade cordial – just like the jams, this little homemade gift can use any of your old bottles. And it looks so pretty too! Here’s a super easy recipe:
  • A book – if you want to get really creative and you have no money at all, why not get pen to paper and write your own story or poem, make a scrap book or photo-album, or even write in a book all the favourite family recipes. This little gift will provide so much joy. You could have a little web search for some ideas, but this idea is probably great just coming from you.
  • Get sewing – if you have some time to pop into the shops, why not buy yourself some cheap sewing equipment? Sounds old fashioned, but sewn items are so lovely. And they might not take as long as you think either. Have a look at this website to get some ideas on sewing things:
  • Plan a wonderful day– getting decorating a beautiful invite and plan out an afternoon tea party, or a trip to the cinema, or a big family walk or something like that where you can spend quality time together with the people you love. All you need to do now is the invites, and you can do the rest later!

And there you have it. Nine cost effective, super easy homemade gift ideas to surprise and please any present giver. And done along to some Michael Buble, it really feel like it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.


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