Christmas Countdown: How to have a Successful Christmas Dinner at Uni

So, the end of first term is here and you’ve (hopefully) settled into university life well, you’ve finished most of your classes and you might even have made some new friends. As your student loan comes to an end and the home comforts start calling, what could be a better way to celebrate the festive season than enjoying a Christmas dinner with your friends? And worry not, even if your parents usually handle all the cooking, Razz is here to give you our best tips on how not to give yourself food poisoning and/or burn your kitchen down.

First of all, to avoid unnecessary arguments roughly figure out your budget and discuss things like how much meat you’ll be buying to accommodate for your veggie and vegan friends (we enjoy a Christmas dinner as much as the next person) and whether or not you’ll be including alcohol in your shop. Then decide what you actually need to buy, chances are someone already has gravy mixture in their cupboard. Here’s a basic list of what you might want for the meal: chicken or turkey, potatoes, sprouts, other vegetables, gravy mixture, Yorkshire puds and stuffing. Obviously it’s down to you and your friends to debate whether Yorkshire puddings truly belong on a Christmas dinner plate and you might want to include pigs in blankets, a veggie option and festive condiments. And the vegetable combination is totally down to you, maybe you want to go all out and make your own red cabbage, maybe you just want a simple bag of pre-prepared veg that you can stick in the microwave for 5 minutes- work around what suits you, your friends and your kitchen.

Next, figure out what needs cooking and how long for, you don’t want to undercook your meat and overcook your vegetables. Start preparing the things that take the longest and decide who is going to be responsible for what part of your meal- maybe let your mum friend take charge at this point! Whilst everything is cooking it’s a good idea to make your flat and dinner table look as festive as possible, stick fairy lights around the room, buy some cheap Christmas crackers and a top tip for cheap decorations is to use wrapping paper as table/wall decorations and make your own paper chains and snowflakes!

Once the table is set, the food is cooked and everyone has their best Christmas jumpers on, crack out the Christmas tunes, open a bottle of bubbly and enjoy!

-Lowri Ellcock

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