Christmas Countdown: Affordable Christmas Decoration Ideas

Festive Pine and Cinnamon bundles & Clove and Orange pomander balls

Cinnamon, cloves, pine, oranges and mulled wine: warm aromas to remind us of cosy days indoors and crisp, cold winter walks. These pleasures don’t have to be left at home; bring some festive feels to your student halls with these affordable Christmas decorations.

I’m not talking cheesy tinsel and plastic ‘X-MAS’ signs (feel free to get those too): Christmas can be chic and cheap if you just get a little crafty. Crafting your own heavenly smelling Christmas decorations only requires a walk around campus and a quick trip to your local supermarket.

To kick-start your crafty Christmas simply grab a bag and take a walk around the greener parts of Exeter with a few of your flatmates, and en route to campus collect sprigs of pine, holly and ivy, pine cones and any small sprig of nature that looks festive. Then pop into your local shop to buy a few festive spices and craft essentials.

Shopping list: (under £10 total)

  • A few firm large Oranges
  • Ribbon (Silver/gold/red or green)
  • Craft string
  • Whole cloves
  • Cinnamon sticks

Optional extras:

  • Fairy lights
  • Mulled wine
  • Mince pies

Now that you’ve collected enough of nature’s gifts and got a few spices from your local supermarket, head back to your dorms and pop open the mulled wine to warm up. Get everyone round to play some cheesy festive tunes and craft a few bundles of festive decorations.

Get a few sprigs of the pine and other shrubbery you collected on campus and a stick of cinnamon and arrange them into a neat festive bundle. Wrap it all together with some ribbon and there you have one affordable festive decoration. Repeat depending on how much of nature’s gifts you collected. You can use the craft string to hang these cinnamon fragranced bundles around your accommodation or leave them dotted around the place next to a few pine cones.                                                                              christmas-decorations-2

Next, for the orange pomander balls. Get a large orange and wrap ribbon around it to make a cross with a bow at the top (as in the photo below). Then, grab a few cloves and push them into the orange and create a simple pattern or design.

These pomander balls will leave your uni room smelling festive and they’ll remind you of the sweet yet zesty spice of mulled wine. Again, make enough of the orange pomander balls to either hang around the place or dot around the communal areas.


Now, enjoy the affordable festive decor and indulge in a few mince pies after all of your crafting.

Merry Christmas!

-Olivia Sesay-Murray

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