Bake Box: Skillet Cookies, Recipe and Review

In case you didn’t already know, December 4th is National Cookie Day. What better day to launch a new series of blog posts about baking, than today? It all started when my housemates bought me a subscription to the Home Bake Box for my 21st birthday a few weeks ago. I thought it would be a great way, not only to review the bake boxes, but also to provide more recipes for Razz readers to try out.  The first post will be testing November’s Bake Box, a recipe for skillet cookies: chocolate chip and mixed nut, as well as strawberry and white chocolate. Whilst for bake box users , the dry ingredients are all weighed out and ready to use, they also provide the ingredients so that you can make the recipe again.


These are the ingredients for the cookie dough:

  • 90g unsalted butter
  • 1 large egg
  • 130g plain flour
  • 115g caster sugar
  • 75g brown sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • Sprinkle of seasalt
  • Baking soda
Chocolate and nut cookies:

  • 50g milk or dark chocolate chips
  • 50g mixed nuts, finely chopped

Strawberry and white chocolate cookies:

  • 50g white chocolate chips
  • Strawberry powder


  1. Preheat oven to 175 degrees, or 160 if fan assisted
  2. Cream butter in a large bowl, and add egg. Mix
  3. Gradually add flour, sugar, vanilla, salt and baking soda
  4. Split the batter in half, into two bowlsskillet-cookies-4
  5. Stir in the chocolate and nuts to one, and the strawberry and chocolate chips to the other
  6. Each half should make around 4-6 cookies. If using a skillet flatten the mixture so it covers the base of the pan. This should take 15-20 minutesskillet-cookies-8
  7. If you’re cooking on a baking tray, cover with greaseproof paper and separate into suitable sized cookies (remember they’ll spread a lot) and cook for 12-15 minutes
  8. You can also freeze the cookie mix if you want to use it for another time

Review: the skillet makes lovely deep cookies, but is also very time consuming so I ended up only making a couple using the skillet, and the majority spread out on baking trays. If the mixture is a bit hard, try adding a tiny bit of milk to make it easier to scoop. The strawberry and white chocolate cookies were my favourite of the two recipes, but you could adapt the basic recipe by adding 50g chocolate and 50g of any other dried ingredients (raisins, cranberries, fudge pieces). I would also recommend adding more than the suggested 50g of chocolate, perhaps double this quantity.skillet-cookies-9

-Lucy Lincoln

If you want to find out more about Home Bake Box, here is the link to their website:

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