It’s Thursday of Week 5. The weather is getting colder, the days are getting shorter and the past five weeks have been busy, stressful and looooong. With the dark cloud of final year indefinitely hanging over me, I headed to Bristol for some much needed relief. Reading Week, the light at the end of a seemingly never-ending tunnel, was slowly peaking its head. I needed a party to celebrate this momentous occasion; a party that MØ willingly provided.

MØ (pronounced mercy without the cy) is a Danish electro-pop singer and songwriter. She initially rose to fame as a feature on Major Lazer and DJ Snake’s track Lean On, but has sustained her popularity with tunes such as Kamikaze, Final Song and her most recent single, Drum. Almost arriving late to the venue meant that I was near the back of a pretty packed crowd, but that didn’t mean my experience was hindered in any way. MØ began her set with Don’t Wanna Dance and burst onto the stage with such an infectious energy that we couldn’t help but bop along. Launching straight into Kamikaze without a moment’s hesitation, it was clear that the party had well and truly begun. Clearly having a great time, MØ danced, jumped and leaped across the stage throughout each song, with each note being pitch perfect and without faltering

Throughout the evening, a backdrop of pink flickering lights lit up the stage. They swam across the back – greatly resembling the game Snake we all used to play on our mums’ phones – and repeatedly spelled out MØ. This added an exciting element to an already exhilarating performance. The rest of the lighting design also deserves a mention. The blends of colours complimented the essence of each track well. The plethora of blues and greens during Glass in particular can only be described as kaleidoscopic and hypnotic, and gave an ethereal feel to one of MØ’s more delicate songs.

MØ and her band had an obvious chemistry that meant each transition was smooth and unwavering. They danced along to each tune almost as enthusiastically as the crowd, as if to fully submerge us in their enjoyment of the music.

Wanting to connect with the entire audience, MØ briefly left the stage only to reappear on the upper barriers of the venue. She sang Pilgrim down to us waving, smiling and encouraging us to dance the night away. This performance especially packed a punch, but was contrasted nicely with the occasional relaxing rendition of a lesser known song.

All in all, I had a great time. MØ’s infectious enthusiasm and crowd pleasing tunes had all university-related worries soaring out the window. I danced from the beginning of the set until the very end, and the whole performance was visually and aurally stunning. The band’s appreciation for the night was made apparent with continuous thanks to the crowd. But at the end of the set, it was us that was thanking them, and begging them for MØ.

-Laura Aiton

Thanks to for the photos.

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