Sealed – Theatre with Teeth Review

Theatre with Teeth’s latest production Sealed is a tale with all the intrigue of a classic whodunit and all the laughs of a decent pre-drinks…albeit a pre’s with seven strangers and a rather impressive age range. The seven receive letters summoning them to a certain place at a certain time. Upon arrival they’re left to their own devices with no sign of the host and … Continue reading Sealed – Theatre with Teeth Review

Palace at Exchange Bristol, 22/11/2016

From almost the first note Palace bring a sense of vitality to the Exchange; every note full and clear as it rings out into the enthusiastic audience. Fresh from the November release of their debut album, So Long Forever, Palace are much of the way through their European and UK tour dates and show no sign of slowing down. Palace have quietly generated a significant … Continue reading Palace at Exchange Bristol, 22/11/2016

Monster Review – Exeter University Theatre Company

EUTCO’s first offering of the academic year is Duncan Macmillan’s Monster, directed by dynamic duo Alice Austin and Nicole Moran. Set in the early 2000s, Monster follows a teacher in training left with the task of saving a disturbed and violent child from permanent expulsion, whilst also struggling with his own mental health and relationship issues. James Bowen and Jacob Crossley played Tom – the … Continue reading Monster Review – Exeter University Theatre Company

Review: Trace This Scar – Jessikah Hope Stenson

Most students are doing well to keep up with essay hand-ins, be active members of societies and be able to enjoy the odd night out. Jessikah Hope Stenson has managed this and is now on the cusp of her second publication with Excalibur Press. Her debut novel Trace This Scar is full of moments that surprise, whilst maintaining a fast-paced and engaging narrative. Stenson has … Continue reading Review: Trace This Scar – Jessikah Hope Stenson

Feature- Have Yourself a Merry, Lush Christmas: Event and Product Review

This November, we felt extremely lucky to be invited to a Lush press event, which showcased their Winter collection. Lush Exeter assistants: Elsa, Lucy, and Adam were fantastic hosts, and had a true zeal for the products and informed knowledge on Lush’s ethical sourcing which, for us, really gave the kaleidoscope of gorgeous bath bombs, creams, and gels a new value. We want to share … Continue reading Feature- Have Yourself a Merry, Lush Christmas: Event and Product Review

Woman in Black – The Northcott Theatre

27 Years on, The Woman in Black continues to terrify audiences today. On Monday 14th November 2016, The Woman in Black had its first performance at Exeter Northcott Theatre. As school kids and families alike waited outside in the foyer and café, there was a sense of anticipation and excitement in the air. Whether they had heard of the show’s previous reviews or had been … Continue reading Woman in Black – The Northcott Theatre

Musings on Menswear #2

For many years the fashion industry has been dominated by the influences of Western culture. The four cities known as the fashion capitals of the western world: London, Milan, Paris and New York exclude all other continents like Asia, Africa from mainstream fashion. However, recently influences from other cultures have grown in popularity. Most notably, styles coming out of East Asian countries have started to gain … Continue reading Musings on Menswear #2

Review: Jack Savoretti

There are some things in life you think you could never forget about: your parents’ names, your best friend’s birthday, or the tickets to the concert you agreed to review and just went on an hour long train journey to get to. Sadly, memory is a fickle thing and sometimes you’re forced to traverse Bristol using up the last of your data to find the … Continue reading Review: Jack Savoretti