Musings On Menswear #1

My name’s Jonny McKinnell, I’m a 3rd year English with Film student and this term I’m starting a column about all things related to men’s style. That could mean anything from an analysis of the latest trends in menswear, a review of a certain designer’s take on male fashion and how you can emulate that or look at how men’s fashion is accessible right here in Exeter.


I should perhaps preface my column my qualifying that I am not in fact an expert in men’s style, although I may from time to time pretend I am, I am simply a student with a keen obsession with style, and by keen I mean bank breaking. I want to share my passion and hopefully influence a few male Exeter University students into dressing in a little less of a basic manner.

One essential piece of knowledge that everyone should know is the difference between style and fashion. As Ralph Lauren once said “Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever”. In order to dress well one doesn’t need to be that which The Kinks once sung about, a dedicated follower of fashion, although having an awareness of current trends can be a helpful step in elevating your wardrobe beyond the realms of average.

The first step in learning how to dress better is identifying what your style is. This means deciding what clothing pieces suit you the best and more importantly what message you’re trying to give off with your outfits. You may prefer a style comprised of heritage brands and traditionally fitted outfits; vlogger Jim Chapman is a perfect example of this modern day gentleman look.  Or you may prefer to dress with just a little bit more edge and try out outfits that depart with what is usually seen in menswear. See Jaden Smith as inspiration on how to break down typical male silhouettes, if you’re brave enough you could even try out a skirt! When it comes to style there’s not an incorrect way to approach it, whether you’re coming from an urban, punk or traditional standpoint it’s all about making the effort and working current trends into your wardrobe.



Talking of current trends brings us onto the second step in dressing better, having an awareness of what’s hot in the world of men’s fashion. You don’t necessarily have to be entirely driven by the looks that are featured on the runways of the major fashion houses for each season and trying to buy clothes to keep up with the industry can be expensive, believe me. However allowing more prominent trends that are regularly featured by multiple designers and in the collections for high street brands to guide the way you dress will instantly improve your overall look and allow you to present yourself as being style savvy.

If you’re unsure what is currently stylish one of the best ways to find out is to look at the websites of high street brands and have a browse through some of their most popular items or any featured collections that their editorial have put together. This second method is an excellent way of gaining advice from a fashion industry professional without much effort. If you want to delve into the world of high fashion for inspiration or, if you’re not strapped for cash, ideas of what to buy magazines and their websites are always a great stop. British GQ is the perfect read for any aspiring male style savant as their articles show off the latest in menswear straight from the capital of men’s fashion: London. For those of you who prefer a contemporary gentleman style this even more suitable as their issues always come with that unique British sensibility which, in my opinion, is th


e best in the world for male style.

I hope this article has been somewhat enlightening to anyone male reader who wants to improve his wardrobe and has provided an introduction to what my column will entail.

Jonny McKinnell 

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