Notes on Netflix: Laggies

Laggies – Lynn Shelton, 2014, 15   Netflix rates it: 4.5/5 I rate it: 4/5 Laggies follows twenty-eight- year-old Megan (Keira Knightley) as she comes to the realisation that she’s just not ready for any of the responsibilities expected of someone her age; spinning a sign advertising her Dad’s business is about all she can manage to do with her time. With both marriage and godparent-hood looming on … Continue reading Notes on Netflix: Laggies

Michael Kiwanuka at Exeter Phoenix

Lit by only a few hazy spotlights, Michael Kiwanuka and his band begun to play the first lingering notes of the opening track of his Mercury Prize nominated second album, Love and Hate, to a silent crowd. The still audience hung on to every sound as the music swelled through Cold Little Heart’s sweeping intro; nearing five minutes long it almost forms an album track … Continue reading Michael Kiwanuka at Exeter Phoenix

Review: Pinocchio at Exeter Northcott

On the 19th October I went to see the classic tale of Pinocchio adapted for the stage by the Jasmin Vardimon Company. Their performance at Exeter Northcott was the sixth stop on their tour of the country, finishing in Ipswich on 18 December. See for tour dates and to access photos of the performance. The performance defied all of my expectations about the children’s … Continue reading Review: Pinocchio at Exeter Northcott

Feature: Man Booker Prize 2016

For those of you who haven’t heard of the Man Booker Prize, it’s an annual prize of £50,000 given to “the best novel in the opinion of the judges” which has been running since 1969. This makes 2016 the 47th year of the competition. The Man Booker Prize aims to promote the reading of quality fiction, (this can be in culturally insightful ways, political reflections … Continue reading Feature: Man Booker Prize 2016

Musings On Menswear #1

My name’s Jonny McKinnell, I’m a 3rd year English with Film student and this term I’m starting a column about all things related to men’s style. That could mean anything from an analysis of the latest trends in menswear, a review of a certain designer’s take on male fashion and how you can emulate that or look at how men’s fashion is accessible right here … Continue reading Musings On Menswear #1

Review: Pride and Prejudice at The Northcott Theatre

     It is a truth universally acknowledged that if you don’t start an article on anything to do with Pride and Prejudice with Austen’s famous first line then you might as well not have written it at all. And so begins my review of Joannah Tincey’s exceptional adaptation of the classic novel        Following a twenty-five-minute hike to campus through Exeter’s many … Continue reading Review: Pride and Prejudice at The Northcott Theatre

Interview: Palace

Leo Wyndham, frontman of London-based Palace, answers Sarah Turnnidge’s questions about their debut album, So Long Forever. How has 2016 been so far for Palace? It’s been amazing, we finally recorded our debut album So Long Forever; we did that at the beginning of the year for about three months. It was the most intense but amazing thing we’ve ever done, it was awesome even … Continue reading Interview: Palace

Film Review: The Girl On the Train

Rating: 3/5 Unlike (seemingly) the rest of the world, I had not delved into the phenomenon that is Paula Hawkins’ novel, and consequently knew nothing of the plot when I sat down to watch The Girl on the Train last Sunday. In all honestly, I didn’t read it because as soon as I heard the words ‘unreliable narrator’, I thought ‘Gone Girl’, and one psychological … Continue reading Film Review: The Girl On the Train

Review: Comptoir Libanais

On the 1st October, Exeter welcomed yet another new restaurant in the rejuvenated Guildhall with the grand opening of Comptoir Libanais. Mainly a London-based chain, the restaurant is only the second of twelve to open outside of the capital city, aspiring to provide the West with wholesome Middle-Eastern food. Comptoir Libanais literally translates as ‘Lebanese counter’, and this is exactly the vibe you get. The … Continue reading Review: Comptoir Libanais

Notes on Netflix: February

February – Oz Perkins, 15, 2015   Netflix rates it: 1/5 I rate it: 2/5 February, also known by revised title The Blackcoat’s Daughter, follows Kat (Kiernan Shipka) and Rose (Lucy Boynton) as they remain at their prestigious boarding school over the winter break. Both left waiting for their parents to pick them up, Rose and Kat are reluctantly forced to converse and put up … Continue reading Notes on Netflix: February