Reggie ‘n’ Bollie at The Lemongrove


For all the stigma surrounding Exeter’s ostensibly stagnant music scene, Freshers’ Week 2016 has continued to please. Welcoming the likes of Lethal Bizzle (!) at the Freshers’ Ball and Scott Mills’ DJ set at the Lemmy tomorrow night, Exeter has been playing host to big name after big name – and Monday of Freshers was no different, when X Factor’s Reggie and Bollie played a set at our beloved Lemon Grove. The pair, who found fame on the ITV competition last year, brought energy in bucketloads, bursting out onto the stage and into their setlist. The X Factor finalists played a set that had the whole crowd singing and dancing along – Jump, Jump; Shaggy’s It Wasn’t Me; One Dance and Party Rockers before completing the set with their own single, New Woman (complete with magical opening line “I can bring the Netflix if you can bring the chill”). – Hope Claydon

Say what you want about Reggie ‘n’ Bollie (there is a lot to say), but try taking your eyes off them as they perform live. Perhaps it was witnessing true talent and stage presence, perhaps it was the Ram cider setting in, but there was something infectious in their energy. They might not have kept in perfect harmony or pitch, but as they bounded around the stage to a whole range of instantly recognisable tunes, they undoubtedly brought their own sense of enthusiasm, and sent it out into the audience too. You had to admire the way they flung themselves into their own performance as they stormed through hits such as You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful and Sexy and I Know It, sporadically offering their mics out to the members of the audience who danced by the barrier, truly immersing themselves in the full Reggie and Bollie experience. It may not have been a showcase of the finest musical talents the Xfactor can offer, but they gave the audience exactly what they wanted and had fun while they were at it and sometimes, that’s more than enough. – Sarah Turnnidge

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