New Orleans: A Food Guide

      New Orleans is a city bursting with vibrant nightlife and a boisterous music scene. As a result of its diverse heritage, it also boasts cuisine that is second to none within the United States; making it the perfect holiday destination for any keen foodies!

Creole cooking is a big part of Louisiana culture, and jambalaya is the perfect example. A mixture of rice, meat and vegetables, jambalaya is thought to have been inspired by the Spanish dish paella. Yet the dish is made unique by it’s flavouring: Creole spices can be added to give the meal additional seasoning.

All photos courtesy of author.

A popular sandwich option is the muffuletta. Distinctive for its olive salad filling, a muffuletta can be made with a mixture of meats and cheeses. The muffuletta bread, peppered with sesame seeds, reflects the impact of Italian migration to the city. We had the muffuletta pictured at Johnny’s Po’boys, a celebrated sandwich joint in New Orleans’ French Quarter.

Gumbo is another renowned dish in New Orleans. This fish or meat-based stew is made with aromatic stock and a mixture of Creole flavourings. The bowl shown here was filled with shrimp, crab and oysters, ideal for any seafood fans!

For dessert, a beignet is the perfect choice. A type of deep-fried choux pastry, a beignet is decorated with a layer of powdered sugar, adding to the sweetness of the dish. The most popular spot for beignets is Café du Monde. Open 24/7, the café serves beignets as its only food option. These can be washed down with chicory coffee, a flavour filled and chocolate-like coffee, infamous in New Orleans. Be prepared to queue!


– Isabelle Kemp

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