Notes on Netflix: Asthma

Asthma – Jake Hoffman, 2014, 15 Credit: Netflix rates it: 3/5 I rate it: 2.5/5 Hoffman’s Asthma follows Gus (Benedict Samuel), a heroin addict who considers himself ‘born in the wrong age,’ preferring the 70s to the present day New York in which he resides. After impulsively stealing a Rolls Royce Gus picks up his tattoo-artist dream girl Ruby (Krysten Ritter), offering to drive her … Continue reading Notes on Netflix: Asthma

Recipe: Chocolate Orange Cake

Many of you are probably facing big birthday milestones of friends or families soon, maybe your best friend is about to turn 21 or your dad is 50 in only a week’s time. This chocolate orange cake is the perfect birthday or celebration alternative to the Victoria Sandwich. My recipe is adapted from Mary Berry’s wonderful chocolate orange cake but I have made a few … Continue reading Recipe: Chocolate Orange Cake

Exclusive Interview: Walk The Moon

“We still love sex, drugs and rock and roll” It’s good to see Walk The Moon keeping their feet on the Earth after a crazily successful year which saw the band propelled into indie-pop stardom. The Ohio band took the UK by storm with their house-party hit “Shut Up and Dance” last year, proving even more popular than previous hit “Anna Sun”, the song which … Continue reading Exclusive Interview: Walk The Moon

How much does social media affect your mental health?

This is the question a group of students at the University of Exeter are asking in the introduction to their campaign video. It is an issue which follows on quite well from our previous article at Razz, which was all about the stigma that is attached to mental health issues. In case you want to refresh your memory, this is a link to it:( . … Continue reading How much does social media affect your mental health?