Preview: Poltimore Festival, Exeter

Sunday 5th June 2016, Poltimore House Celebrating its first year under a new name, Poltimore Festival (formerly named Arts On The Move) is back, and looks set to be its best year yet. Poltimore House, an aristocratic house which once was a girls school, a wartime home and a hospital, provides the backdrop to the diverse plethora of music, film, theatre, comedy and arts that Poltimore promises. … Continue reading Preview: Poltimore Festival, Exeter

Notes on Netflix: Plastic

Plastic – Julian Gilbey, 2014, 15 Netflix rates it: 3.5/5 I rate it: 2/5 Julian Gilbey’s Plastic follows a group of university students who successfully steal and scam others out of their credit cards in order to secure a steady stream of money. After blackmailing and stealing a briefcase from an associate of a high-profile mobster (Marcel; portrayed by Thomas Kretschmann), the students realise they … Continue reading Notes on Netflix: Plastic

Fitting Into Fashion

“Wear a short skirt after 40, wear a short skirt if you’re a man”; H&M’s bold new campaign is causing a stir in the fashion world. The fashion industry has always been a battleground in the diversity discourse, with modelling in particular the site of endless controversy. Rightly so, given the power and influence it claims over aesthetic representation and our own body image. But … Continue reading Fitting Into Fashion