Bilbao Style Diary 2: Zara Wasn’t Built In A Day

I’m halfway through my year abroad in Spain and I’ve eaten my weight it pintxos, had one too many vino tintos and no I don’t have a tan yet. Actually, it probably rains more here than it did in Exeter c. 2014. Oh and Zara is steadily invading my wardrobe. Okay not steadily. Quite rapidly. In fact, I think I’ve lost this battle, not that I put up much of a fight. No, no you’re right I didn’t fight it at all. What can I say? You can’t walk down a street here without seeing a Zara; I’m surrounded. And I think I’ve developed an addiction to colourful pleather skirts.

Figuring I needed some new outfits for gallivanting around Europe (well what an attempt at justification that was), the Zara sales were pretty much the first thing I did when I returned to Bilbao after Christmas. Now Zara prices in Spain are not Zara prices in Britain. You paid forty pounds for a co-ord? I probably paid forty euros so I saved a tenner and when you shop as much as I do I’m practically making money…right? Thus, sale prices are to die for, or just to shop for. I picked up a cute little black and white romper for ten euros, I mean it would’ve been rude not to. What I love about it is, sure it’s an A/W piece; it’s got that coveted roll neck and is quite a heavy cotton, but the sleeveless cut means I’ll be able to ditch the tights in summer and still wear it with my Converse and leather jacket.


I took this playsuit to Rome for sightseeing and gelato. I donned it one afternoon; the Coliseum being our first ice cream pit stop. I wore my trusted Oasis leather jacket and threw a thick knit scarf on. I was also in my wool hat, from Zara, and suede boots, oh look Zara again #NotAnAd. I go basically nowhere without my ASOS over-sized sunglasses, handy even in the timid winter Italian sun. My outfit was finished with my structured Zara bag which struck a good balance with the casualness of the playsuit.

zara blog post for razz

I think the moral of the story is don’t move to Spain- your whole wardrobe will be dominated by one brand, Zara. Have I said Zara enough?! And on that note, it’s payday, so guess where I’m going!

(Photos by Alex Miller)

Harriet Cotmore

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