Booked in With Jess: 20

“If you could reason with religious people, there wouldn’t be any religious people,” writes David Mitchell in his latest offering The Bone Clocks. The internet tells me that this isn’t the first time Mitchell has been both witty and daring whilst embracing vivid descriptions such as “the wood sounds like waves, with rooks tumbling about like black socks in a dryer”. Six novellas form the … Continue reading Booked in With Jess: 20

Notes On Netflix: Charlie Bartlett

Charlie Bartlett – Jon Poll, 2007 Netflix rates it: 3.5/5 I rate it: 4/5 Jon Poll’s Charlie Bartlett follows titular character Charlie (Anton Yelchin), an intelligent and slightly eccentric teenage boy, as he attempts to befriend the student body at his new school. After being expelled from multiple private schools, he enrols in a local public school and immediately finds it difficult to make friends … Continue reading Notes On Netflix: Charlie Bartlett

Gig Review: Matt Corby

My companion and I left Exeter at 5:20pm, armed with half a tank of petrol and a lot of faith in Google Maps. Surprisingly, our journey was extremely smooth, and we arrived in Bristol, found free parking (!), and got our stamps. Bristol University’s Student Union was hosting the event, and although their student bar is a lot swankier and brighter than ours, we realised … Continue reading Gig Review: Matt Corby

Artist Profile: Jessie Cave

‘You’ve wasted your twenties trying to be cool’ ‘What else was I meant to do? Make a difference?’ Ever since following Jessie Cave on Instagram (@jessiecave) I look forward to her daily illustrations of funny and awkward moments between her quirky characters. She often depicts the fears we all experience at some point in daily interactions with friends and strangers, and often displays conversations that … Continue reading Artist Profile: Jessie Cave

Bilbao Style Diary 2: Zara Wasn’t Built In A Day

I’m halfway through my year abroad in Spain and I’ve eaten my weight it pintxos, had one too many vino tintos and no I don’t have a tan yet. Actually, it probably rains more here than it did in Exeter c. 2014. Oh and Zara is steadily invading my wardrobe. Okay not steadily. Quite rapidly. In fact, I think I’ve lost this battle, not that … Continue reading Bilbao Style Diary 2: Zara Wasn’t Built In A Day

Veganism on a Budget

Our favourite spider-man Toby McGuire, performing sensation Beyoncé, Olympic gold medallist Carl Lewis and heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson; what do all these people have in common? Yes, they are celebrities. They are attractive and get physically fitter as the list goes on. Most unexpectedly, they are on that plant-life, good-life vegan diet. Oh yeah, and they are all stinking rich. Now living a satisfyingly … Continue reading Veganism on a Budget

Booked In With Jess: 18

Jonathon Coe’s Number 11 came out at the end of 2015 and at the time of writing very few reviews have been published. For such a highly regarded writer and such an impressive novel, I was absolutely stunned to find that the internet is not raving about Coe’s latest satirical product. Five stories with interweaving characters depict a dark community over the course of a … Continue reading Booked In With Jess: 18