Review: Walk The Moon at the O2 Academy, Bristol

Walk The Moon’s supporting band, Colony House, kicked off the night with an impressive sound, a mix between folk and rock with a hint of country flair. The Nashville, Tennessee group were particularly reminiscent of Young the Giant mixed in with a bit of Lawson in places. It was an impressive start to the night in my eyes, but sadly they did not spark the reaction … Continue reading Review: Walk The Moon at the O2 Academy, Bristol

Notes On Netflix: Tenured

Tenured – Chris Modoono, 2015 Netflix rates it: 3.5/5 I rate it: 3/5 Chris Modoono’s Tenured follows depressed, inappropriate teacher Ethan Collins (Gil Zabarsky) as he tries to navigate life after his wife (Emily Wilson) leaves him for another man. At the same time as trying to readjust to single life, Ethan has to deal with the Assistant Principal (Kate Flannery) trying to get him … Continue reading Notes On Netflix: Tenured

Summer Adventures Volunteering Opportunity

Don’t Miss Out… There’s a great volunteering opportunity this summer if you’re unsure about what to do! It’s called ‘Summer Adventures’, a camp which will be taking place in the first two weeks of August in Exeter for young carers only. Young carers are children and young people who have to take on practical caring responsibilities that would usually only be done by adults. Young … Continue reading Summer Adventures Volunteering Opportunity

Gig Review: Eliza and the Bear

We suspect our first glimpse of Eliza and The Bear was outside of Cavern as we were queuing up, followed by a large crowd of buzzing groupies. I say suspect, as by the time we had realised that something exciting was happening the leaders were far in front and obscured by the bobbing heads following them. Our second sighting would be a lot more successful. … Continue reading Gig Review: Eliza and the Bear

Art Review: Exeter Art Soc’s “Your Scape”

  The Art Society’s Your Scape exhibition is being held currently at the Exeter Phoenix; the paintings hang on The Walkway, next to the café. There were several striking pieces from amongst the collection. An array of styles and mediums confirmed the individuality of every artist. Where some chose classic waterscape, like Sarah Harrington’s “Monet’s Garden”, which was done on canvas in textured acrylics, others chose … Continue reading Art Review: Exeter Art Soc’s “Your Scape”

Gig Review: Frank Turner at Cavern

Since discovering Photosynthesis when I was 14, I have been desperately waiting for the opportunity to see Frank Turner live; after seeing him this Wednesday at Exeter’s very own Cavern, I am 100% sure that it was worth the wait. The show was part of Cavern’s 25th anniversary celebrations, and there are many other amazing acts still to come, but no matter what comes next, … Continue reading Gig Review: Frank Turner at Cavern

Booked In With Jess: 15

You know when you walk into Waterstones, or any book shop for that matter, and one cover jumps out at you instantly? That’s exactly what happened to me when I saw Laura Barnett’s The Versions Of Us last year. Being a poor student, I left the novel for the time being, promising myself I would definitely get a copy at some point. Guess what? I … Continue reading Booked In With Jess: 15

Paddon Award Competition Countdown

Paddon Award Competition Countdown! Get your skates on! You’ve got just over a week to get your entry in for the Paddon arts award. It’s open to students, staff and alumni of the University of Exeter not working in the professional arts. Entries are invited in creative writing, visual arts, film and musical composition on the theme of ‘Celebration’, with cash prizes to be won. … Continue reading Paddon Award Competition Countdown