Green Screens – Studio 74, Exeter’s New Solar Powered Indie Cinema


A new indie cinema has opened in Exeter. Tucked away on Gandy Street, it offers an alternative viewing experience to the larger cinema chains in the city. Visiting Studio 74, it’s an intimate and cosy space to relax in with a drink from the bar. Also, with tickets priced at £6 it’s much cheaper than its big commercial rivals.

tSv_CZ_FTwLHj7a_1uyJHzwMifBYOaQXt_LVBAAcmJw You may hear “indie cinema” and think “tiny screen with a
fuzzy projector” – not to worry! Situated in the Exeter Phoenix, this cinema has 74 seats, retro lighting, a beautifully clear projector  and a cinema sound system. The cinema screens award-winning independent films and latest arthouse releases. The Phoenix is a multi-art form venue, hosting a range of events from open mic nights, gigs, theatre and comedy, and now branching out into screenings for the public.

Interestingly, Studio 74 is the only cinema in the region to be powered partly by solar energy. Upon recently winning an energy fund from Marks & Spencers’, this should pave the path for a green future for Exeter’s art scene.

If you’re interested, here’s what’s coming up!


General Screenings

  • Suffragette (12A) – Mon 30 Nov & Thu 3 Dec | 7.30pm | £6

An intense and gritty drama tracking the inspirational story of the early feminist movement as women fought for dignity, equality and the right to vote.k12Dy1TPJPorv24qvdQ72ZKRTUUxi_k1w-bNdMpFwEc,1-lBM-KtqEbuM-g8xCrbQM0fOJqrZrU0-rv5M6ZDp8Q,Fl-dPh2iDioNvfIwm9B48c6odYNWBYfEfAZA3UDRZDI

  • Legend (18) – Mon 7 & Thu 10 Dec | 7.30pm | £6

Dir. Brian Helgeland

In an abrasive crime thriller from an Academy Award winning director, Tom Hardy stars as both Kray twins – two of the most notorious gangsters in history.


  • The Sixth Year Wed 9 Dec | 7.30pm | £6
    (An ICA Artists’ Moving Image Network Screening)

The Sixth Year reinterprets the format of a TV series in five episodes, each directed by different artists exploring the social interactions, power games and realities of the New York art scene.


  • The Lobster (15) Mon 14 & Thu 17 Dec | 7.30pm | £6

Find a partner in 45 days, or be transformed into an animal and released into the woods. With dark, absurdist humour and an eclectic ensemble cast, this dystopian near future has bizarre rules.


  • Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (15) Mon 21 Dec | 7.30pm | £6 (Scandiland Presents)

Reindeer are being slaughtered, children are going missing and mysterious explosions are occurring within the heart of the nearby mountains. Don’t believe in Santa Claus? You will after this.



Also, Studio 74 are currently taking part in the BFI LOVE Season, screening some of film’s best love stories and hosting themed nights – check it out:

BFI Love season

  • Brief Encounter (PG) Thu 19 Nov | 7.30pm | £6

Two strangers thrown together by a chance meeting on a train station platform. Realistically-honest and unsentimental, this was love in the ‘40s. Will they, won’t they?

  • Fatal Attraction (15) Mon 23 Nov | 7.30pm | £6

A terrifying love story about obsession, lust and a hunger for something which can not be satisfied, not even with rabbit stew. Love can and will kill.

  • Blue Velvet (18) Tue 1 Dec | 7.30pm | £6

Characteristically dark and disturbing, Lynch’s erotically charged exploration of crime, voyeurism and sexual perversion will challenge your conceptions of what constitutes a love story.

Christy Ku

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