The Best of Exeter’s societies: Ex at Night

Tonight brings the first ever Ex at Night event; lining up the best of what each society has got to offer, from dance and music, to theatre and live poetry, this showcase promises something for everyone.

With performances from Campus Bands, Sweet Nothings and Pole Fitness, to a Theatre with Teeth 24-hour play, readings Dead Poets Society, and comedy from Exeter Revue. Numerous interactive displays will also be set up from Bracton Law, XTV, Creative Futures and Exeter University Singers. There will be such a variety of entertainment at Ex at Night, with all of these, and so many more, student groups coming together to showcase their talent!

Brought to you by ExeTech, the Exeter University Technical Theatre and Events Service, and hosted in the Lemon Grove, Ex at Night is FREE ENTRY and will take place until 10:30 this evening. In light of this event, Laura talks to President of ExeTech, Sam Woolven, about his vision for one of Exeter Uni’s most collaborative and inclusive events to date.

What made you decide to organise such a collaborative event?
ExeTech as a society are always looking to grow and innovate. Over the past few years we have established ourselves as a strong technical theatre and stage management group within the university. Producing our own events was the next big step. And we decided to go all out on the first one. Ex at Night is designed to bring a whole bunch of societies together to show off the breadth of what the Guild has to offer.
What do you hope to achieve with the night?
We deliberately placed the event early in term one in order to attract freshers who may still not know much about what each society has to offer. We hope that new and older students alike will come to the event with an open mind and an interest in finding something new. We have everything from poetry, to music, to dance, to theatre. Not to mention all the fantastic society stalls throughout the space.
In your own words, why do you think no one should miss exe at night?
Ex at Night is a one off event. It is incredibly unlikely that this many societies will be in the same room together until next year’s Freshers Fair. This is no ordinary event or concert. It is a celebration of what Exeter’s fantastic student societies and all the committed members who help run them. It’s also free entry, so what’s to lose?
Do you hope to do another event like this in the future?
We are looking at producing a variety of different events in the future. We don’t currently have anything like this planned for the near future. However, we are working on a really exciting Halloween project. This will involve a walk-through horror event followed by a film in the M&D room. This project has brought in a director and group of actors to create the first half and is working alongside Campus Cinema to show the film.
Laura Leichtfried

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