Review: The Exeter Revue’s Improv Comedy Show

On Saturday 26th September, I went along to the M&D room at 6:30 p.m. to see the Exeter Revue’s Improv Comedy Show. Although I haven’t seen any of their Improv shows before, I have been to quite a few of their other performances (two sketch shows and one stand up show), so I went in with high expectations and I was not disappointed! There were eight improvisers altogether, with a total of eight games played. Audience participation played a big role in determining how the games would work. The games played included: Whose Line is it Anyway, Expert, Border Game, World’s Worst, Criminal in our Midst, Alphabet for Real, the Postcard Game and finally the Song Game, which made for a great grand finale.

I was incredibly impressed at the way that the performers rolled with the audience’s absurd suggestions, as well as how they came up with hilarious lines and situations without any preparation whatsoever. Several scenes that particularly stood out for me were: two put-upon, retired teachers attempting to cross the Atlantic in a pedalo and arguing over who really deserved those last dregs of coffee more; when an indignant American was trying to sneak across the border to Canada with a highly illegal rhino in her shoe; lastly the country song ‘Give me my egg back’, accompanied by an interpretive dance.

To do improvisation well seems to require so many skills- acting talent, quick wit, to be at ease on stage- and I can safely say that these eight definitely possessed them all. It was the perfect way to spend a Saturday evening, and I would highly recommend it. Keep an eye out for more of their performances over the coming year!

Rachel Stubbs

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