Booked In With Jess: 2

Warning, this column will contain spoilers about the plot of Still Alice by Lisa Genova – and I recommend you read it first (really, I insist). Lisa Genova published the bestseller Still Alice back in 2007 and only last year the movie came out in cinemas. Although I could talk for ages about Kristen Stewart’s terrible acting in the film yet how it still portrayed … Continue reading Booked In With Jess: 2

Comedian Interview: Nish Kumar

Having opened his new show at Edinburgh Fringe Festival to rave reviews, winning Best International Show at the New Zealand Comedy Festival, and in his own words, “a clever boy”, Nish Kumar invites Sarah Roberts for a chat about stand-up comedy, crazy audiences and Corbyn’s Kung Fu skills. So, I wanted to start by talking a little bit about your new show Long Word . … Continue reading Comedian Interview: Nish Kumar

Halloween Recipe: Pumpkin Risotto

Risotto is one of those deceptively easy dishes, and with Halloween just around the corner, it’s likely that there’ll be many leftover pumpkins hanging around. This is the perfect autumn recipe to use up your Halloween decoration and demonstrate some cooking skill. Those who have never cooked a risotto before often perceive it to be a difficult dish, however, you’ll be glad to hear that … Continue reading Halloween Recipe: Pumpkin Risotto

Film Review: Macbeth at Exeter’s Picturehouse

As the new, arguably most haunting Macbeth adaptation to date hits cinemas this October, Laura and Ciaran take a trip to Exeter’s Picturehouse to find out what makes Justin Kurzel’s film so bewitching. The thought of reviewing Macbeth at Picturehouse had kept us going all week; and it didn’t disappoint. With just two screens, comfy and spacious cinema-seating and its own snack bar complete with free Wi-Fi, … Continue reading Film Review: Macbeth at Exeter’s Picturehouse

Review: The Exeter Revue’s Improv Comedy Show

On Saturday 26th September, I went along to the M&D room at 6:30 p.m. to see the Exeter Revue’s Improv Comedy Show. Although I haven’t seen any of their Improv shows before, I have been to quite a few of their other performances (two sketch shows and one stand up show), so I went in with high expectations and I was not disappointed! There were eight … Continue reading Review: The Exeter Revue’s Improv Comedy Show

The Best of Exeter’s societies: Ex at Night

Tonight brings the first ever Ex at Night event; lining up the best of what each society has got to offer, from dance and music, to theatre and live poetry, this showcase promises something for everyone. With performances from Campus Bands, Sweet Nothings and Pole Fitness, to a Theatre with Teeth 24-hour play, readings Dead Poets Society, and comedy from Exeter Revue. Numerous interactive displays … Continue reading The Best of Exeter’s societies: Ex at Night