Fore Street Photography Exhibition- 24 October

On Saturday, October 24th, the upstairs gallery of The Glorious Art House will be home to the Fore Street Photography Exhibition. Consider this your cordial invitation to climb the vibrant staircase of the café that night, and have a look at the work of local photographers, Matt Round and Simon Edward Johns.*

*Missed our past interview with Simon? Fret not.

Strange and wonderful things happen on Fore Street, and it was there that Matt and Simon first met. Soon after, they decided to work together on a project that would show its beauty, capturing the daily life, architecture and traders of the area. Any donations to help support the project would be greatly appreciated, with funds going towards the printing and venue costs.

Pic - Matt Round Pic - Matt Round (2)

So, why Fore Street? Well, it’s the independent quarter of Exeter – a place that is lined with unique and interesting shops, talented artisans and cosy cafes. In my own experience – and I know many would agree – if you’re looking for a connection, a conversation or a new perspective, Fore Street is the place to go. With businesses like the aforementioned Glorious Art House (check out this blog), Revolution, Sancho’s Dress, Book Cycle, No Guts No Glory and many more (I’d list them all but I’m not sure that counts as an article), it’s no wonder that Fore Street is considered such a gem.

Sadly, despite its gem-like nature, Fore Street remains somewhat shadowed by a high-street filled with chain stores. Many who visit Exeter don’t seem to know Fore Street exists (and I admit, I was guilty of this until I moved to the city). However, Matt and Simon are looking to change this, and bring more people down the road. In Matt’s words, “The aim of the project is to document these businesses and their charismatic owners who trade on Fore Street and its off­shoots, showcasing the diversity and sense of community in the area.”

Both photographers have been working over the past few months, taking pictures that represent Fore Street in all its splendour, whether that’s the carvings in the stone walls, traders in the midst of work, or the unnoticed details that make up the magic of this place. Come to the opening night, revel in all the charms of this little piece of Exeter, and the talents of the two photographers showing it to you. (Also I’ll be there, so shimmy on over and let’s forget about the whole 8.30am-lectures thing together.)

Nickie Shobeiry

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