Review: Footlights’ Cabaret

Cabaret 2

Photo credit: Footlights

Nazis, silk slips, and women and men with fantastic legs – it can only be Caberet. Footlights brought the Kit Kat Klub to the Lemon Grove, the University of Exeter’s student club.

The set is beautifully laid out with candles in wine bottles and old-fashioned telephones as the audience is the club’s audience. The dancers mingle amongst the tables and the Emcee flirts with the crowd. Nazi propaganda posters are discreetly posted everywhere (even the bathroom) which adds to the immersive nature of the play.

The cast of Caberet is made up of fantastic actors and singers; James Bowen and Olivia Conroy’s harmonies were exceptional. Ben Philipp plays the Emcee brilliantly – at the end of the show, a guy next to me declared Philipp was “probably the sexiest man in Exeter”.

A group of extremely talented musicians brings the score to life. The musical transitions are executed in interesting ways, especially the overlapping of different tracks to transform caberet music to a Nazi march.

With beautiful dramatic lighting, fabulous choreography and costumes, it’s visually fantastic raucous and sultry.

Shows: 26, 28 and 29 May. Tickets available here:

Christy Ku

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