That Seventies Fashion Show

So seventies revival wasn’t exactly a massive hit when it premiered in AW14. The winter florals and flares didn’t take off. Instead we took on the turtle neck and pulled over our think knits. Despite this setback designers can’t seem to let the seventies go and we saw the trend take over Fashion Week once again this year in preparation for the SS15 lines. But why are we trying to make the seventies happen?

seventies catwalk

Photo credit: Patternbank Blog

At a time where technology is more dominant than ever and we all have smartphones and selfie sticks (guilty as charged) we appear to be hankering for the past. The ‘past’ in all aspects of our lives has become fashionable. Sales in record players and vinyl are at their highest for fifteen years. People are even starting to buy cassette tapes again. And we all remember when the Polaroid camera made a recent comeback. Somewhere amongst our fast-paced, technology-orientated lifestyle we decided we wanted to put down our hair straighteners and put on Simon and Garfunkel. That Seventies Show is even trending on Netflix. It only makes sense that fashion should follow. With many design houses led by those who remember the days when we weren’t constantly bombarded with Tweets it’s no wonder that they’re trying to revive that carefree decade.

The thing that we find with the seventies is that it’s a great transitional trend to take us through to spring and can continue to be worn throughout summer. Denim and suede are great for those cool days before we reach the height of summer. Even double denim is on the scene and I’m not talking Britney and Justin c. 2001 – this is something we’ve seen on Beyoncé. If it’s good enough for Queen Bee who are we to talk? Filling your wardrobe with a fusion of dark and light denims creates a seventies base. Mix these heavier materials with gypsy blouses in floral or paisley prints, anything that says you should be at Woodstock. Something I’m personally excited about is that the Saint Laurent catwalks are vouching for coloured furs. Fur is something that’s rarely an SS trends but now we’re seeing fur gilets in bright colours. Don some chunky wedges or knee high boots for any of these outfits.


Photo credit: The Guardian

You can shop all of this on the high street. Topshop in particular are encouraging blending blues with a mixture of denims. They have a great range this season with jackets, shirts and flared jeans all hitting the mark. Their smock denim dresses and pinafores are a favourite as they are so easy to wear. With a pair of floral wedges you don’t have to think the outfit through at all. ASOS are doing some wonderful co-ordinates. Again these are super simple to throw on and can be mixed and matched with other pieces. There are a few wide-legged paisley trousers with crop tops as well as some suede pencil skirts with fringing. Their range of A-line skirts and swing dresses finds something for everyone. All these outfits need are a few accessories and River Island is a treasure chest this season. They’re hosting an array of slouchy suede handbags and rucksacks. In addition I’ve spotted some coloured fur evening bags which can completely transform a simple outfit into something more glamourous.

Accompany your new wardrobe with subtle make up. A soft base and blush with neutral shadows. The new MAC Cinderella collection fills this brief perfectly with pearl to pale plum eye shadows and peach lip colours. Lip gloss is also very popular at the moment and is perfect for a subtle day look. Alternatively try lining your eyes with a bright colour for a more intense seventies look. Kiko have a really fun range of colours. Their Glamourous Eye Pencil comes in a total of sixteen colours with an emphasis on turquoises and indigos which are perfect with seventies denim. Not forgetting a slick of black liquid eyeliner that Twiggy introduced us to in the sixties. The Soap and Glory Supercat eyeliner gets those feline flicks perfect. Keep your hair loose in a middle parting or put in a full fringe. The seventies is all about looking relaxed.

It’s time to start looking a little more relaxed against our hectic backdrop. Try mixing different textures and veer away from the usual shorts and t-shirt beach look. The seventies calls for just about any print in any colour so this is your chance to dare to dress bold.

Hattie Cotmore

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