Daughter: For rainy days


Photo credit: Guardian

Imagine yourself in an enclosed room with black walls, with no escape. That’s how I feel every single time I listen to the works of Daughter, and the only Medicine to rid myself of feelings from an anguished Youth would be the soothing sounds of this band.

Daughter, a trio English band with lead singer Elena Tonra alongside guitarist Igor and drummer Remi, formed in 2010 and have headlined a number of shows as well as played at festivals such as Coachella in 2014. With a fondness for one-word song titles, the band released 2 EPs, “His Young Heart” and “Wild Youth”, which gave listeners a rough idea of who the band really was – simple and charming.

Being an indie folk band that gradually gained popularity over a long course, the music often revolved around Tonra’s husky yet gentle voice with the trance-like riffs of the guitar and engaging drum beats. The words to their lyrics are also open to interpretation though it is mainly themed around love or loss, pulling listeners into either extreme happiness or utmost sadness.

Candles, from the album “His Young Heart”, features melodic sounds and gentle vocals, with a dark huskiness that complements. “I’ll never be your lover, I only bring the heat…” cradles the idea of another reality that love brings and the sad truth that is packaged within such thoughts. Switzerland, from the same album, is less lyrical with only a few sentences of a singular word but this is unique, leaving the album with a choral end perfectly wrapping up their first work.

Likewise with “His Young Heart”, “Wild Youth” only has 4 songs but all of which are hauntingly beautiful, and extremely ethereal. Home, seems to have picked up from where the last album left listeners, with a slightly upbeat song yet maintaining the mysterious vibe that their band portrays. Youth, being one of the more popular songs, has been used in an advertisement for the Tour De France as well as in several TV shows such as Skins and Grey’s Anatomy. What’s perfect with this song is that it explores the idea of being young (“We are the reckless”) and a timely reminder that bliss does not last forever (“Cause most of us breathing through corrupted lungs”).

After joining 4AD, Daughter also released another album “If You Leave”, clinching the “Independent Album of The Year” award. Featuring familiar songs from their previous EPs as well, Tonra also aimed to create a more diverse and an artwork of the album. The album managed to craft a blend of brokenness and self-inflicted hurt, with poetic lines guided by the exquisitely arranged tones.

Though there are no upcoming tour dates for Daughter, they are available on Spotify and have also released an exclusive 4AD session, a more raw and acoustic play of their music. I always find Daughter good for a rainy day on the bus and perhaps you too, will seek solace in their music.

Tanya Tan

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