Gig review: Twin Wild & Nothing But Thieves at Cavern

Twin Wild 2

Having never come across Twin Wild before I was intrigued to hear how they would transfer their seemingly slick vocals and guitar sound (that I had heard from their tunes on Spotify) to the stage at a packed out Cavern gig. But the boys did not disappoint.

With the crowd riled up from a great opening set by WitterQuick, lead singer Richard Hutchinson harnessed that energy as he threw himself straight into the first song of the set. The crowd responded accordingly jumping around as the gig got well and truly underway.

After a quick introduction to the crowd the band seamlessly continued into their second track ‘Another Stranger”, their latest release. The strong guitar riffs from Ed Thomas and David Cuzner perfectly complimented Richard’s gravelly vocals as he emotionally lamented over a lost lover. The calmer and quieter verses captured the crowd’s attention and allowed Richard’s voice to shine through before the band launched themselves energetically into the chorus held together with a solid drumbeat provided by Imran Mair.

The set advanced effortlessly with the boys charming the crowd with “My Heart” and “We Won’t Look Back” before finishing on their best-known song “Fears”. The excitement from the crowd was palpable and gave the boys an extra injection of energy as their finished off an excellent live performance.

After a very successful first tour with the Nothing But Thieves boys it seems we will be seeing a lot more from Twin Wild and I would recommend seeing them live if you get the chance.


As soon as the five-piece band from Southend, Essex, arrive on the stage, they have the crowd in the palm of their hand. Effortlessly cool in loose-fitting, long-sleeve tees and varying styles of jeans, Nothing But Thieves welcomes the crowd’s shouts of excitement. The music starts and the screams continue, with Conor taking centre stage, Dom on his left, Joe on his right, Phil staggered behind and Price, of course, on drums at the back.

The familiar sound of “Itch” opens the performance, and we are instantly captivated by the beautiful, soaring voice of Conor above the instrumentals. Intense guitar riffs commence, and the boys are evidently enjoying themselves right from the start, their bodies rocking to the music they themselves have written and put together. Dom had recently before said in our interview that “any gig where people sing along, that’s when it’s good”. By this standard, Exeter has proved to be a good show from the very first song; the crowd chants along enthusiastically throughout.

The boys smash out their better-known tunes “Wake Up Call” and “Emergency” as the audience clap along to their catchy riffs and scream out their lyrics. The audience are asked to put their lighters and phones in the air as the band launch into one of their more mellow tune, followed by another – this time with an intensely rocky edge. The next ends abruptly in the middle of a chord sequence, to the crowd’s audible approval. My personal favourite, along with many in the crowd, is “Tempt You”, with its slower tempo and beautiful lyrics. Ending with “Ban All The Music”, the band’s newest release is met with a resounding appreciation as a small, and then increasingly bigger, mosh pit forms.

This is one concert that will certainly stay with us long after it is over.

Flora Bell for Twin Wild & Laura Leichtfried for Nothing But Thieves

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