Interview: Twin Wild at Cavern


Imran, David, Richard and Ed make up the four-piece rock band Twin Wild. Originating from London the band is currently enjoying their first ever tour, supporting Nothing But Thieves, and showcasing their latest tunes including the massively successful Fears. Just before they were set to perform at The Cavern we were able to catch up with the boys and have a quick chat about tour life, unicorns and their plans for the future.

How are you guys enjoying touring alongside Nothing But Thieves? What has been your favourite destination so far?

Richard: It’s been terrible and stressful. No just kidding, it’s been so much fun! The boys are great and they’ve sold out every single show, which is great. And I can see why – we watch them every night and it just doesn’t get old. Best venue?

Imran: Aberdeen was sick

R: Yeah Aberdeen was the best venue, oh and Liverpool. They were great, like jumping about. But they were all great.

Are you looking forward to playing tonight in Exeter? 

R: Yeah this is going to be sick. Hopefully we’ll get about 160 people, which will be good.

So you guys were all friends before. Did the band come together naturally? 

R: Well David and I have been friends since school. We met in year 8.

Ed: And I’ve known Richard since I was little

R: Yeah apart from my family he’s probably the person I’ve known the longest.

And Imran?

David: We knew about him. Then one day we started jamming together and it sort of went from there.

And so when did you properly form as a band?

R: Errrm I suppose about two years ago, but we’ve been jamming together for a while.

What is the best thing about being in a band, do you prefer touring, writing?

I: I’m going to say touring because we’ve done a lot of writing recently. The touring kind of makes it real because when you’re writing in your room, you don’t know if you’re just crazy, but then you go out on tour and you play it and hopefully people respond well and it’s nice to be sharing something. So yeah for me I love being out on tour.

R: Well this is our first tour, but it’s been insane to play sold out shows. We’ve been very lucky.

Ed: I would say half and half. We all love writing and touring is fun, and we’ve all been friends for ages so we all know how not to annoy each other.

I: Or how to annoy each other if we want [laughing].

Ok cool so you know each other pretty well – if you had to pick a spirit animal for Twin Wild what would it be?

I: A lion

Ed: A flying horse. You know like Pegasus!

I: Maybe a lion with wings? No that would be too much.

R: I identify with a deer.

Ed: Timid?

I: It’s quite girly [laughs]

R: Oh yeah I mean a stag. Yeah a stag.

Ed: Don’t worry mate I went for a unicorn.

When Edith Bowman played your track “Fears” on The Radio 1 Review Show last summer, she suggested your sound was like the “love child of Bastille and Biffy [Clyro]”. How would you describe your style to someone who hadn’t heard you before?

Ed: We were quite happy with that.

R: Yeah we couldn’t really have said it any better than that to be honest.

We love “Fears”, but what is your personal favourite song to perform?

Ed: We’ve all got differing answers here.

I: My personal favourite is Fears. It was the first song we released and the one that people tend to sing along to and get really into.

D: Our [David, Ed, Richard] favourite song is called My Heart. We really enjoy playing the grove in the verse. It’s more of our sexy song.

R: You’re pretty sexy [to David]. Watch out for David, giving the sexy eye to the crowd.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for that! You were previously called ‘Pyramid’, but had to change for legal reasons. What were your thoughts behind choosing “Twin Wild”?

R: Well it took us along time to come up with a new name.

Ed: It took a year. Well we wanted something quite neutral so that people wouldn’t make up their mind about our sound before they heard us. And something we could build upon.

R: We thought about some really scary names.

I: We were considering death but we thought it was a bit much or weapons; you know something universal [laughs].

We like what you went for in the end. What about other bands? Who are you currently listening to and do you think they affect the style of your music?

D: We’re actually listening to a lot of Catfish and The Bottlemen. They are really great. They’re great to listen to whilst driving. Their production is really raw at times and then it brings it back, it’s really nice.

Also Ed, I recently discovered that you are the co-founder of the line Cheer Up Clothing. You started that up with You Me At Six guitarist Matthew Barnes – how did that come about?

Ed: Me and Matt went to college together and we’ve just been really long-standing friends. I was in another band when You Me At Six started out and we toured together, and you get quite familiar creating band merchandise when you’re in a band so that’s how it began. And now seven years later we’re still here.

Is that difficult to balance the two, being in a band and managing the clothing line?

Ed: Yeah it can be but we all have full time jobs, so you just get used to it.

R: Yeah it can be tough. Last weekend we played three dates, then I was back at work for five days, then we had these three dates, then we’re back at work on Tuesday before we play Norwich on Wednesday night.

I: It can be hard, last week we got back from Birmingham at 4am and we had work at 9am but we’re really lucky because we get to do what we love.

D: And hopefully we’re aiming that one day we do this full time.


Have you got any shows lined up the future that we can look out for?

Ed: In Exeter? Not much really. We’ve just announced that we’re going on tour with We Are The Ocean. A few intimate shows around the country but I don’t think we make it back down here.

D: We’ve actually just sold out our headline show in London, which will be awesome.

I: Yeah we are really excited for that.

Can fans expect any new releases later on this year? Have you got anything planned?

R: There will be…some releases.

Ed: It’s just working out when, we’ve got them ready

D: We’re just working on the live part right now and all the shows. Cause we’ve just been writing up until now and then we put out the new name and the first tracks, so we’ll see.

I: We’re quite precious over what comes next, but there is music ready.

Flora Bell

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