Make up: How to Look Healthy When You Feel Like Death Warmed Up

It’s that time again – we’re halfway through the term and it’s taking its toll. The near-constant deadline stress and late nights have lowered our immune systems and we’ll be clutching tissue boxes for the next few weeks.

Ideally, we would be hibernating our way through our colds wrapped up in blankets, emerging only for chicken soup. However, some of us still have to battle our way through lectures, meetings and other horrible things that drag us from bed. Knowing you look better than you feel usually gives you a confidence boost to help you through the day. So, here’s some advice on becoming a Trojan horse of health.


Dull eyes: the goal is to brighten them, so add a light shimmer on the brown bone and on the very centre of the lids.

– White eyeliner in the inner corners of your eyes will help lighten them up.

– If you want to wear eyeshadow, apply primer first to make sure it sticks. For colours, go for warm neutral shades – browns and maybe a peachy pink. Avoid lighter or brighter pinks as it could make your eyes look swollen. Also, give dark colours a miss as they’ll emphasis your dark circles.

Watery eyes: definitely avoid applying anything on the lower lash line, or your eye makeup is going to say hello to your chin!

– Waterproof mascara and eyeliner should help see you through the day – pencil eyeliner should be avoided as that’s going to smudge.

Dark circles: go for a warm concealer, preferably with a yellow undertone to counteract the blueish shades of sleep deprivation under your eyes.


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Apply concealer in a sort of triangle, rather than along and near the eyes.


– Flaky skin: please do not scrub at your skin! Use a gentle exfoliating face wash or wet flannel, and softly rub it over your face in circular motions.

– Dry skin: moisturise! You might find that your skin gets dry more often throughout the day (especially in this cold weather), so take it with you and apply a little now and then. If your skin is really dry, rub some Vaseline in your hands and apply onto your face (or wherever necessary).


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– Red nose: it’s tempting to pile on foundation, but don’t! Let’s be honest, you’ll remove it in a few minutes when you blow your nose. Unfortunately, this is virtually unavoidable but it can look endearing and make people want to look after you! At most, go for a moisturising foundation to reduce the redness.

– Blush: I’m generally quite flushed when I’m ill so I don’t bother. But if you’re of the pale variety when ill, I would advise a creamy blush rather than a powder, as the dust will just make the dry skin more noticeable. If you don’t have one, use a lipstick as a blush instead.


– Chapped lips: wet them with water and let the dead skin soften. Then, gently exfoliate with a wet face flannel or toothbrush.

– Tinted lip balms: this will moisturise them whilst adding a little colour back to your lips. A simple rosy pink will do.


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Other top tips

– If your nose is all blocked up, strong mints are amazing at clearing the airways (cheap and easy to buy as well!)

– Stay hydrated! I love ginger and lemon tea with some honey; it’s so soothing. Just chop up a few slices of ginger, add a slice or two of lemon, put it all in a mug and add boiling water with honey to sweeten.


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Remember – the lighter your makeup the better. You just want to perk your look up, not get ready for the red carpet! I hope you get well soon and remember – it won’t be long until you can return home for a well deserved nap.

Christy Ku

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