Interview: Ivy & Gold

Ivy & Gold, London-based duo of Rachel Wilkinson & Jamie Davies, opened for Laura Doggett in Cavern two weeks ago. I managed to have a chat with Rachel, the sylph-like figure behind the power vocals, about their music & what they’ve been doing. She’d somehow managed to spill some of her drink on my (fortunately, black) coat and was extremely apologetic, despite my hastening to … Continue reading Interview: Ivy & Gold

Gig review: Duke Special at Phoenix

The Phoenix hosted Irish musician Duke Special last Wednesday 18th March, as he visited Exeter during his 2015 UK tour. Supported by Paul Cook and The Chronicles, Duke Special made it a memorable night, breaking the usual boundary of performer and audience by initiating a dance break eruption on stage. Walking up the stone steps of The Phoenix, we did not anticipate the chill atmosphere … Continue reading Gig review: Duke Special at Phoenix

5 Top Countries to Visit (and Live!) this Summer

It’ll soon be summer, and time to plan how you’ll spend those three long months (and beyond if you’re graduating!). What could be better than packing a bag and going travelling? The only problem is you can often find yourself wishing you could stay overseas forever… but actually you can: all you need is a TEFL qualification with i-to-i and you can teach English in … Continue reading 5 Top Countries to Visit (and Live!) this Summer

Interview: Alex Benjamin of TwT’s ‘Impending Doom’

We sat down with the co-director and creative genius behind ‘Impending Doom’ Alex Benjamin. What was your inspiration? A while back I did an adaptation of one of the Grimm fairy tales- Godfather Death-where the figure of Death was humanized. I found the idea of humanizing abstract concepts and using them as main characters to tell a genuinely human story interesting. That’s kind of where … Continue reading Interview: Alex Benjamin of TwT’s ‘Impending Doom’