Arts On the Move: Exeter’s Own Fringe Festival

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For the fourth year running, Arts on the Move returns to Exeter’s own Poltimore House for another buzzing year of artistic showcase and scintillating performance. A new year means new management, and we caught up with Festival Director Niamh O’Dowd to hear what Arts on the Move 2015 has in store for us…


So it’s exciting to hear about the fourth year comeback, but where did the festival begin?

Arts on the Move was founded by Amy Novadnieks in 2012 and began as a way to showcase the wealth of artistic talent that Exeter’s student base, and wider community, has to offer. As a non-profit organisation, the festival raised, and continues to raise, money for Poltimore House. This is a unique venue in Exeter and one of true culture and heritage. Amy carried on as director for the following two years before graduating in 2014, and I have taken over from her to hopefully continue the good work.


So what’s been changing and developing every year? What’s the new take?

The principles are the same as ever, but the artistic scope has massively increased, and that’s been the case every year. Last year’s programme was very varied, including fine art, poetry, live music and even promenade performance. This year though we’re compiling an even more diverse programme. Fundamentally though, we’re the same: we aim to bring more Exeter/Devon based talent to the foreground and encourage everyone in the region to support and enjoy it!

Can you give us a sneak preview of what’s lined up for 2015?

Well fine art and photography are playing a bigger role this year and musically there’ll be a slightly different feel. We are also hosting a series of short films and creating a number of interactive exhibitions that audience members of any age can get involved with, as well as combining locally produced craft beers with independent food companies. We’re holding our launch party on 24th March so I won’t give too much away, but do pop by for a drink at The Glorious Art House where you’ll be able to soak up some Arts on the Move vibes and find out more about the festival!

Arts on the Move returns on the 7th June 2015. For more information please email


FB: Arts on the Move Festival

Twitter: artsotmfestival

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