Interview: Hudson Taylor (Part II)

This is the Part II of Razz’s interview with Irish brother-duo Hudson Taylor (Harry & Alfie Hudson Taylor). You can read Part I here. They recently came to Exeter for a gig to promote their yet-to-be-released album, Singing For Strangers, and I managed to catch them up just before.


From this whole process – creating your album and all your tours – what would you say has been the highlight?

Harry: It was a pretty cool moment when we held the actual physical album in our hands because it came out in Ireland last month; I really liked that. As an overall moment to sum it up, I’d probably say when we wrote the final song & it was like “that’s it, we’re done”. Me & Alfie did the high five, like “Yeah!!” (Alfie chimes in accordingly)

The last song we wrote is on the bonus track, the one Alfie mentioned earlier called Don’t Know Why. We wrote it with our friend who’s supporting us tonight, Jack Morris. It’s just really fun, a nice song & we enjoyed playing it every night.

Alfie: I don’t know, & I don’t know why (laughs). Well no actually there’re too many highlights, to be honest. Everything that we do just seems to keep getting better; every gig is really nice and fun in its own way. We got to accidentally support the Rolling Stones in Hyde Park two years ago over the summer. Tom Odell, singer-songwriter, got sick and we’d just finished a gig, and we had to fill in for him in front of 55,000 people so it was like “AHH” and never done anything like that before! It was really crazy, really cool.

Where do you guys see yourselves in a couple of years’ time?

H: We’d be chuffed to be doing what we’re doing right now, playing the same thing, living off music. I feel pretty happy right now. I think some people want more, more, more! But I’m like, this is good right now.

A: We’d continue to do the tour. Maybe each time we play it’d be our next biggest venue, we’ll see.

So what do you think you guys would be doing right now if you weren’t having your music career.

H: I’d probably be in Dublin, working in a bar or something. (laughs)

A: I’d say we’d probably be in Dublin, have travelled quite a bit anyway, maybe together, maybe not, but it’s been really nice actually –

H: Music has brought us to places. We haven’t got to go to Singapore yet, but hopefully, very soon.

A: We got to go pretty much all over the place and pretty much together so it’s been really cool.

Have the both of you always been this close?

A: We went to different schools growing and we saw each other on the weekends because Harry was in boarding school. When he came home we used to go busking in Dublin and it was sort of our way of hanging out, it was a lot of fun.

H: We didn’t really get on each other’s nerves.

A: We were both getting pocket money, we were having a bit of fun. I couldn’t do it on my own, (to Harry) you could do it on your own (laughs), but we did it together. It’s always been that way, so really cool.

You also have siblings who are musical, so why don’t you guys collaborate?

A: Oh we will very soon. Once we’ve got a bit more time at home – we’ve been so busy this year & last year just travelling and doing stuff – with our Mom and sister, we’d be able to sing and practice things a lot more, hopefully get a video up on Youtube. Our little sister Holly is singing, playing and writing songs. It sounds absolutely amazing, so hopefully we’d get to do something with her.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

H: Alfie makes really good poached eggs.

A: I have to keep practicing!

H: Otherwise he’d be put on the spot someday. (To Alfie) But yeah, I think your poached eggs are fantastic. That’d be something most people wouldn’t know about Alfie. Poached eggs with a really nice tomato on the vine.

A: Thank you. Harry is a computer whiz.

H: I’m alright. I’m not like –

A: Well, to me he’s a computer whiz. He’s always the guy you’d go “Shit this computer’s not working. Harry, come on!” and he’d come over and get to the bottom of what’s going on.

H: Fair enough I’d take that.

A: He used to fix the neighbours’ computer and stuff like that.

 If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you want to go?

H: Singapore. (I had to protest here amidst Alfie’s laughter, that Harry was just saying that) No I actually do really want to go to Singapore. I’d like to go to Southeast Asia, I think it’d be really beautiful to go to. I’d love to go Australia.

A: Africa! Somewhere in Africa. I’d love to play in India actually, because I don’t think a lot of people go or play in India, from what I know anyway. I don’t know many bands that tour India. Maybe we could do that!

And with that I commenced the interview with the lovely & personable Hudson Taylor brothers who insisted on giving me a hug before I left. Singing for Strangers is out on 30 March 2015.

Nichola Koh

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